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Reading Suggestion-1

Article Name: Transportation of tongues with territory
Author Name: Ruchir Joshi
Source: The Hindu
Category: Society

Summary for this article :

The article simply says how a region’s dialect influences one’s language.

The writer says that based on the region you stay in India; you pick up on the dialect of that region which in turn influences the other languages you speak, thereby affecting your accent and stresses. To stress on this fact, he gives his own personal experience with languages in India. He further says that you can also tell where in the foreign soil an Indian has been, based on his English tone.

Words to learn from this article :

Quandary: In a perplexed situation
Prickly: Covered with prickles
Hegemony: Control over another country
Guffaw: Belly laugh
Redaction: An act of redacting something

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Reading Suggestion-2

Article Name: WannaCry?You may as well laugh
Author name: Anoop Kohli
Source: Times of India
Category: Technology

Summary for this article :

Summary for this article :

This article talks about the Wannacry ransomware and presents a different take on the subject. Providing a brief description of malwares and how this particular malware operates, the article then goes on to explain how this attack might actually be viewed in a positive context. By highlighting the use of Bitcoins and how these can be the future currency of the online world, the author highlights how this attack can be used as example to showcase how digital transactions and trading between countries might work in the future.

Words to learn from this article:

Trivial: Small and of little importance
Aligned: Brought into agreement
Vulnerability: Susceptibility to injury or attack
Manipulation: Exerting shrewd or devious influence especially for one’s own advantage
Malware: A computer program designed to have undesirable or harmful effects
Ransomware: a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid.
Encrypt: Convert ordinary language into code
Epidemic: A widespread outbreak of an infectious disease

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Reading Suggestion-3

Article Name: Why has bitcoin gained 350% of its value in just 12 months
Author name: Economic times
Source: Economic times
Category: Economy

Summary for this article :

Bitcoin is not the common form currency but it is the most popular crypto currency in the world. Since its existence in 2009, its value has crossed $1900 value. Whatever be the reasons behind the love for bitcoins, the users know that they are insecure, unregulated and uninsured. A recent research found that the design features that make them appealing are the ones that make them subject to theft and fraud. Till now, there were swings in the value of bitcoins. But, now, there is question on its recoverability. The block chain is the technological innovation behind Bitcoin. They are de-centralised, pseudo-anonymous and unregulated, thus making them attractive to use. There is no need of mediator to do the transaction. So, it is a low cost intensive, fast and transparent. The researchers say that the problem of bitcoins lies in the inability to receive r the lost and the forgotten password and the irreversibility of the transactions for bitcoins. The anonymous nature of the bitcoins users and their unknown reputation opens the opportunities for dishonest traders. The paper suggests to improve upon it by addressing the trust issue. But, it will turn into a digital hawala and the reputation of bitcoins will fade. So, the author asks why use it?

Words to learn from this article :

Wobble: To move in a clumsy and unsteady manner
Spurt: To suddenly flow out (of a liquid) through a small opening
Cryptocurrency: A digital currency that uses cryptography for security
Achilles heel: Someone’s weak point or weakness that can act as his/her reason for failure.

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