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Article Name: Back to the classroom
Author name:R.K. Raghavan/
Source: The Hindu
Category: Politics

Summary for this article

The article, written by a former CBI Director, R.K.Raghavan talks about a strong need of reform ad restructuring in our police services. The author, talks about a recent article in an American newspaper by one of the doyens among the police scholars, in which Prof. David Bayley had expressed his anguish over the US law enforcement. He listed three factors, that, according to him were the main causes for leading to a crisis in the US law enforcement:race, police training and guns. There was an urgent need for reform among the police forces, but chances of it happening were bleak. The author compares this situation to the Indian police services and says that we are in the same situation. People are quite unhappy with the quality of the services rendered by the police; they are sick of political interferences that are hindering quality police actions. The entire system needs drastic restructuring, he says.

The article further talks about the authors suggested points which could work well in restructuring our entire police system. He suggests ways to professionalise the services; how the police should stop muddling along and how evidence-based policing could certainly work well in enhancing the services of our police forces.

Words to learn from this article :

Doyen: A veteran
Alibi: An alibi is your evidence that proves that you are innocent and not guilty of a particular crime.
Rudimentary: Basic, something at the primitive level
Slumber: To sleep lightly or doze
Clover: An herbaceous plant of thegenus Trifolium
Connotation : A suggested word usage instead of a literal usage

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Reading Suggestion-2

Article Name: Is Artificial intelligence fuelling natural stupidity?
Author name: A.S. Panneerselvan
Source: The Hindu
Category: Technology

Summary for this article :

Fake news is being talked about in various newspapers, articles and various other tabloids. This indeed shows the dark consequence of the rise of the fake news era. Yes, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we are currently living in the fake news era. The writer, in this article, talks about the role of Artificial intelligence in the distortion of the news reports that hasimpacted the News publishing houses and journalism in general.

The public today, belonging to the digital age, rely on technology for their everyday news. But when technology subverts the actual news, the problem becomes crucial not only to its readers but to journalism as a whole. The author, in this article, highlights this very subject citing examples from different articles,¬¬¬ talking about the impact of fake news. He concludes, by saying that, “we need to acquire both the tenacity and the competence to confront the threat from artificial intelligence to retain the space for journalism as a common good.”

Words to learn from this article :

Cusp: A pointed edge where two curves meet
Indefatigable: Untiring work
Fledgling: A beginner
Chicanery: Trickery
Ombudsman: A government official appointed to investigate complaints and deal the
problems/complaints fairly

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Reading Suggestion-3

Article Name: Obor, Doklam and Malabar
Author name: Anoop Kohli
Source: Times of India
Category: Politics and Economy

Summary for this article :

The article talks about the three major happenings. The OBOR, the Doklam and the Malabar exercise.

“Most intractable situations faced in the present actually begin as “clever acts” in the past.” With this line, the writer starts this informative piece of writing. He talks about the China’s OBOR project, in which China had put in $150 billion in road, rail and any other modality for connectivity to the west. The Chinese tried hard by diplomatically coaxing India to join this project, but failed as India had objected to join the project “on account of the track trespassing its claimed territories”

Then the Doklam deadlock happened at a time when our honourable PM was in talks with President Trump on trade. The Tel Aviv visit brought India and Israel closer and bringing to the ground the richness of Israel when it comes to being a trading partner.

The high-tech Malabar exercise, involving India, Japan and the US, show that there maybe negotiations in trade or military in the use of the South China Sea, with China perceiving this as a foil, to monitor its trade and military activities. The real Malabar, says the author, is on the western coast of India, on the northernmost tip of Kerala

The author, then points out how little China has done to elevate its human rights and shown positive signs of long-term friendship. Read this interesting, informative piece to know more about the happenings that’s been stated above.

Words to learn from this article :

Commensurate: Proportionate
Compunctions: A guilt feeling
Hegemony: Domination over another country or a group
Intractable: Something that is not easily managed or controlled
Coax: To persuade someone to do something by using pleasant words.

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