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Article Name:Stop Obsessing Over Race and IQ
Author Name:The Editorial Team
Source: National Review
Category: Culture and Society

Summary for this article :

The article talks about a sensitive issue “The genetic IQ gap between the black people and the others”, although the issue isn’t talked upon more often the public and there aren’t many debates over this, the author doubts the necessity of having one.

While some thinkers insist on the necessity of openly facingthe truth that there is a genetic IQ gap between the black and the others. While there are matters, which require open discussions, as this leads to a positive impact on the wellbeing of the black community, the IQ issue is something different as such a topic would shed all heat and no light.

In this entire article, the author presents various views stating the implications that a discussion on the genetic IQ gap could lead to. While he sticks on to his perception that “there is no apparent benefit to dwelling on the IQ gap”

Words to learn from this article :

Predispose: To have an inclination towards something
Hazy: Misty or cloudy
Geneticists: A specialist in the science of genetic
Predilections: A special liking for something
Preliterate: A preliterate is someone who has not yet acquired the ability to read and write

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Reading Suggestion-2

Article Name: The Changing Face of Work in India
Author name: Rakesh Mohan and Anu Madgavkar
Source: Project Syndicate
Category: Economy

Summary for this article:

This article talks about the need of the implementation of a system that examines and assesses labour-market that would enable a more relevant, timely, and accurate analysis of trends. The current figures, depicting that our country is entering a period of jobless growth, can hardly be considered as the “ideal to be”. The author states points to prove the reason for his doubt, for such data, that represents this dark side of the Indian economy.

Good data is important for measuring gainful employment that measures the type of work people are doing who are already employed.

While the current sources of gainful employment has been positive enough to create high-quality job opportunities for as many as 26 million people, the writer says that much more needs to be done to create more job opportunities for the tens of millions who are in need. Government and the private sectors could join hands together in creating gainful job opportunities

Words to learn from this article:

Dearth: Scarcity
Burgeon: Increasing or developing at a rapid pace
Demography: Statistical study of the human population
Impediment: An obstruction
Discernible: Noticeable

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Reading Suggestion-3

Article Name: Snob rock
Author name:Brendan P.Foht
Source: The Weekly Standard
Category: Music

Summary for this article:

The article talks about the prog rock and punk rock, which is far different from the American pop music. Prog rock were rebelling against “the standard pop song structure.”. According to Weigel, prog had three main musical characteristics: retrospection; futurism and experimentation.

The article further talks about the new punk movement, which had found a warm embrace from its critics. The punk rock was an obvious form of rebellion against the prog rock. “The punk-vs.-prog conflict is a bit of conventional wisdom that is sometimes exaggerated”. Read the article to know more about the prog and the punk rock

Words to learn from this article :

Erudite: Showing great knowledge as a result of being educated
Allusive: Indirect reference to something rather than explicitly stating it
Futurism: A new movement of art that began in Italy in 1909
Commensurate: Proportionate
Iconoclastic: A critic; someone who is bold enough to attack the traditional beliefs
Erstwhile: Former

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