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Article Name: House guests and fish: Both of them begin to stink up the home after about three days
Author name: VikramVohra
Source: Times of India
Category: LifeStyle

Summary for this article :

This is a very simple read. The writer here talks about the awkwardness that sets in when a house guest stays for a while. Both the parties here have to compromise things just to please and behave accordingly in front of each other. The welcoming and the receiving could really set a tone of discomfort and strangeness. Read this light piece to enjoy the setting of an Indian guest greeting.

Words to learn from this article :

Refurbish – Refurbish is to lend a new lease of life to something, just like the workers in this picture are painting the wall and making it fresh again. Any such activity, which makes reenergizes and reinvigorates, can be labelled as refurbishment.
We can even refurbish our souls, with the help of meditation or any stress releasing activity.
The dictionary definitions for refurbish are as follows:
To make clean, bright, or fresh again; renovate. (Verb)
Veritable: Authentic
Sparse: Sparse is word conveying a very simple sentiment: that of scarcity and shortage. Example: Rain and trees are sparse in a desert.
Sober: Not affected by alcohol; not drunk.
Obnoxious: Offensive; disagreeable; ex. Obnoxious smell

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Reading Suggestion-2

Article Name: Bellwether in crisis
Author name: The Editorial Team
Source: Indian Express
Category: Business

Summary for this article :

The recent exit of the Infosys CEO has been all in news and this article addresses the same issue. The exit coming at a time when the IT industries are making an attempt to break from the past in order to never touch the obsolete line is indeed worrisome.

The article says how the fracas in one of the leading IT companies; the bellwether company for the IT Industry, Infosys, should serve as a reality check for most of the listed firms in India. Such a scenario would definitely carry the risk of value destruction.

Words to learn from this article :

Bellwether: Leader, forerunner.
Bruise: Injure the underlying soft tissue or bone of
Exemplar: A person or thing serving as a typical example or appropriate model.
Obsolete: Outmoded; no longer used
Fracas: Quarrel.

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Reading Suggestion-3

Article Name:Newsroom under siege
Author name: AbhishekSinghvi
Source: The Hindu
Category: Constitution

Summary for this article :

An eye opening piece about the way our press currently functions. The writer has tried to expose the dark side of the Press. He says how the media is influenced by influencers within the media itself rather than someone from outside and how advertorials are being used to legitimize and blur the distinction between reportage and paid content. Bribery and TRPs have become the norm.

Hidden influences and the corporate stakeholders have been able to attract the media and control them.

The writer concludes the article by giving eight remedies to reform the way our press functions currently, but shows his confidence over a penal legislation, that would be necessary to achieve the suggested remedies, not coming into picture in the foreseeable future.

Words to learn from this article :

Advertorial: A newspaper or magazine advertisement giving information about a style of an editorial or objective journalistic article (source: oxford)
Sanctimonious: Faking to be morally superior to other people
Humongous: Very large
Ostracize: Banish from a group; exclude from public favour; ban; ex. His friends ostracized him. N.
Retribution: Deserved punishment for wrongdoing; payback for another’s action vengeance

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