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Daily Vocabulary Words: List of Daily Used Words in Leading Indian Newspapers
Hi there. Welcome to this special section @ Wordpandit. Our endeavour here is straightforward: highlighting daily vocabulary words that you would come across in leading newspapers in the country. We have included the following newspapers in our selection:
• The Times of India
• The Economic Times
• Hindustan Times
• Mint
• Indian Express
We are putting in extensive work to develop your vocabulary. All you have to do is be regular with this section and check out this post daily. This is your repository of commonly used words; essentially, we are posting a list of daily used words. Hence, this has significant practical application as it teaches you words that are commonly used in leading publications mentioned above.
Visit the website daily to learn words from leading Indian newspapers.


WORD-1: Miraculous

CONTEXT: The seemingly miraculous has less to do with miracles and more to do with a commitment to meet the urgency of people’s need for access to information.

SOURCE: Hindustan Times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Something miraculous is like a magic trick or a surprise that seems impossible but happens anyway, like a sudden rainbow after a storm.

MEANING: Remarkably surprising, extraordinary, or seemingly impossible, often associated with divine intervention or good fortune (adjective).


SYNONYMS: Amazing, astonishing, incredible, wondrous, supernatural, divine


1. It was a miraculous recovery after such a severe illness.

2. The miraculous rescue of the trapped miners was celebrated worldwide.

3. The sudden appearance of flowers in the desert was considered miraculous.

4. She performed a series of miraculous feats in the circus.

Annihilating Picture Vocabulary

WORD-2: Annihilating

CONTEXT: It recognises the role of libraries in annihilating caste. It begins with the assertion that libraries must be free to be anti-caste.

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SOURCE: Hindustan Times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: To annihilate means to completely destroy something, like when a superhero defeats a villain completely.

MEANING: Completely destroying or defeating utterly (verb)

PRONUNCIATION: uh-NAHY-uh-leyt-ing

SYNONYMS (VERB): Destroy, obliterate, eradicate, demolish, decimate, exterminate

SYNONYMS (ADJECTIVE): Devastating, destructive, overwhelming, ruinous, catastrophic, annihilative


1. The hurricane’s force was capable of annihilating entire towns.

2. The army’s artillery was capable of annihilating enemy positions.

3. The disease had an annihilating effect on the population.

4. The team’s performance was described as annihilating their opponents.

Prognostications Picture Vocabulary

WORD-3: Prognostications

CONTEXT: Democracies are inherently noisy, and vibrant media houses and cantankerous social media throw up all sorts of prognostications.

SOURCE: Hindustan Times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Prognostications are like predictions or guesses about what might happen in the future, often based on signs or patterns.

MEANING: Predictions or forecasts about future events or outcomes (noun).

PRONUNCIATION: prog-nos-ti-KAY-shuns

SYNONYMS: Predictions, forecasts, prophecies, divinations, anticipations


1. The economist’s prognostications about the economy were accurate.

2. His astrological prognostications were met with skepticism.

3. Weather prognostications indicated a storm approaching.

4. The fortune teller’s prognostications were vague but intriguing.


WORD-4: Fructified

CONTEXT: The onset of liberalisation, privatisation, and globalisation has meant that the allure of a large global commercial market has fructified economic relations between the two countries.

SOURCE: Hindustan Times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: When something fructifies, it means it has grown or developed successfully, like a seed turning into a plant and bearing fruit.

MEANING: To bear fruit; to become fruitful or productive (verb).


SYNONYMS: Bear fruit, produce results, yield, flourish, thrive


1. Years of hard work finally fructified in a successful business.

2. The investment fructified into substantial profits.

3. Her efforts to improve her skills eventually fructified in recognition.

4. Patience and dedication often lead to fructified endeavors.


WORD-5: Epochal

CONTEXT: An epochal year marked by only the third State visit by an Indian leader to Washington.

SOURCE: Hindustan Times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Epochal things are like big milestones or events that mark important changes, like a new era or a major discovery.

MEANING: Highly significant, pivotal, or marking a new era or epoch (adjective).


SYNONYMS: Monumental, transformative, groundbreaking, historic, momentous, epoch-making


1. The moon landing was an epochal event in human history.

2. His invention was considered epochal in the field of technology.

3. The election marked an epochal shift in political ideologies.

4. The discovery of penicillin was an epochal advancement in medicine.

Egalitarian Picture Vocabulary

WORD-6: Egalitarian

CONTEXT: New Delhi was successful in speaking for global equity and a more egalitarian world, batting for the Global South, particularly for the inclusion of the African Union in the G20.

SOURCE: Hindustan Times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Egalitarian is like fairness or treating everyone equally, like making sure everyone gets the same size slice of cake.

MEANING: Believing in or based on the principle that all people are equal and
deserve equal rights and opportunities (adjective).


SYNONYMS (ADJECTIVE): Fair, just, impartial, unbiased, egalitarian

SYNONYMS (NOUN): Equalist, advocate for equality, fairness proponent, egalitarian


1. The organization promotes an egalitarian approach to education.

2. Egalitarian societies prioritize equal opportunities for all citizens.

3. The leader’s policies were based on egalitarian principles.

4. Egalitarianism is a fundamental value in democratic societies.


WORD-7: Juxtaposition

CONTEXT: The immortal closing lines of Shelley’s 1820 Ode to the West Wind, “The trumpet of a prophecy! O Wind/If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?”, though not their juxtaposition of the undesirable and the desirable, came to my mind when I read about modifications in Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) history texts introduced by National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT).

SOURCE: Hindustan Times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Juxtaposition is like putting two things side by side to compare or contrast them, like when you place a flower next to a rock to see the difference.

MEANING: The act of placing two things close together or side by side, often to compare or contrast them (noun).

PRONUNCIATION: juhk-stuh-puh-ZISH-uhn

SYNONYMS: Comparison, contrast, comparison and contrast, side-by-side placement


1. The painting used juxtaposition of colors to create a striking effect.

2. The juxtaposition of old and new architecture highlighted the city’s history.

3. The writer used juxtaposition to emphasize the differences between the characters.

4. The juxtaposition of joy and sorrow in the film made it emotionally powerful.

Indoctrinate Picture Vocabulary

WORD-8: Indoctrinate

CONTEXT: Is it because the imagination of a larger part of CBSE students is fired by the dream of getting into an IIT that NCERT wants to indoctrinate them by way of preparation towards that goal?

SOURCE: Hindustan Times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: When someone tries to persuade or teach you to believe a certain way, like teaching you a specific set of beliefs or ideas, they are “indoctrinating” you.

MEANING: To teach or instruct someone in a set of beliefs, ideas, or doctrines, often with a strong bias or agenda (verb).


SYNONYMS: Brainwash, persuade, influence, train, instruct, educate


1. The cult leader used indoctrination techniques to control his followers.

2. Schools should educate students critically, not indoctrinate them with ideologies.

3. The political party sought to indoctrinate young voters with its agenda.

4. Parents should encourage independent thinking rather than indoctrinate their children.


WORD-9: Hatched

CONTEXT: The IVC and the Vedic period is a calumny of some European scholars, a conspiracy hatched by them in order to “downgrade the cosmological and altruistic foundations of the Vedas”.

SOURCE: Hindustan Times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: When something is hatched, it means it has come out of an egg, like a baby bird breaking out of its shell.

MEANING: Emerged or developed from an egg, especially through hatching (verb/adjective).


SYNONYMS (VERB): Emerged, hatched, born, hatched out, developed

SYNONYMS (ADJECTIVE): Hatched, born, newly emerged, newly developed


1. The chicks hatched from their eggs in the nest.

2. The dragonfly larvae hatched into adult insects.

3. The plan hatched in their minds slowly came to fruition.

4. The conspiracy theory hatched in online forums spread quickly.

Ghastly Picture Vocabulary

WORD-10: Ghastly

CONTEXT: To harbor such a belief amounts to committing the same ghastly blunder that Adolf Hitler committed but from an Indian end of the fantasy.

SOURCE: Hindustan Times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Ghastly things are like really scary or unpleasant, like a spooky ghost or a very bad smell.

MEANING: Extremely shocking, terrifying, or unpleasant in appearance or nature (adjective/adverb).


SYNONYMS (ADJECTIVE): Horrifying, dreadful, gruesome, horrific, eerie, macabre

SYNONYMS (ADVERB): Horribly, dreadfully, terribly, shockingly, gruesomely


1. The horror movie had many ghastly scenes that frightened the audience.

2. The accident left a ghastly scene of destruction.

3. Her face turned ghastly pale when she heard the news.

4. The abandoned house had a ghastly reputation for being haunted.



Vocabulary Daily Use

Title: “Everyday Linguistic Mastery: Perfecting ‘Vocabulary Daily Use'”

In the fascinating world of language learning, we often concentrate on taking giant leaps, but the real magic lies in the small steps of ‘vocabulary daily use’. These frequently used words and phrases form the backbone of practical communication and understanding. Therefore, mastering ‘vocabulary daily use’ is a crucial element in achieving language fluency.

To effectively learn ‘vocabulary daily use’, one needs to venture beyond the traditional textbook resources. The real essence of these words unveils itself in everyday exposure and interactions. Engaging with a variety of material like novels, magazines, newspapers, podcasts, films and digital content deepens the understanding of ‘vocabulary daily use’. Immersion in these contexts yield natural, everyday language that bridges the gap between the classroom and the real world.

The journey of mastering ‘vocabulary daily use’ necessitates the integration of innovative memory techniques. Flashcards and the Leitner System aid in embedding these words into your long-term memory by promoting active recall. Additionally, the use of mnemonic devices, which allow you to associate ‘vocabulary daily use’ with personal and familiar narratives, can enhance your ability to remember and recall these words.

Moreover, it’s important to remember that ‘vocabulary daily use’ isn’t just about comprehension- it’s about practice and active usage. Incorporate these words in your day-to-day communication and social interactions. This not only solidifies your understanding but also accelerates learning and internalization of ‘vocabulary daily use’.

In a nutshell, mastering ‘vocabulary daily use’ is a continual process that demands exposure, creative learning strategies and assertive practice. The commingling of these tactics brews the perfect formula that allows learners to seamlessly integrate ‘vocabulary daily use’ into their linguistic repertoire. And with that, they can navigate the nuances of language with confidence and ease.

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