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Daily Vocabulary Words: List of Daily Used Words in Leading Indian Newspapers
Hi there. Welcome to this special section @ Wordpandit. Our endeavour here is straightforward: highlighting daily vocabulary words that you would come across in leading newspapers in the country. We have included the following newspapers in our selection:
• The Times of India
• The Economic Times
• Hindustan Times
• Mint
• Indian Express
We are putting in extensive work to develop your vocabulary. All you have to do is be regular with this section and check out this post daily. This is your repository of commonly used words; essentially, we are posting a list of daily used words. Hence, this has significant practical application as it teaches you words that are commonly used in leading publications mentioned above.
Visit the website daily to learn words from leading Indian newspapers.

Brandishing Picture Vocabulary


CONTEXT: The fastest-growing, youngest, leading the world in the number of hours on smartphones, billionaires brandishing pop stars and beggars brandishing QR codes, and soon home to a Tesla factory.

SOURCE: Indian Express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine someone showing off a shiny sword in a way that looks threatening or impressive. That action of waving or displaying something, especially a weapon, aggressively or ostentatiously, is called “brandishing.” It can also refer to showing something off in a boastful or dramatic manner.

MEANING: Waving or displaying something, especially a weapon, aggressively or ostentatiously (verb).


SYNONYMS: Waving, displaying, flaunting, showcasing, exhibiting

1. The robber was arrested for brandishing a gun in public.
2. He brandished his diploma proudly at the graduation ceremony.
3. The politician’s speech included brandishing statistics to support his argument.
4. Brandishing weapons is not allowed in certain public places.

Proverbial Picture Vocabulary


CONTEXT: The one fly in the proverbial ointment is that the share of the working-age population actually working is 46.6 per cent.

SOURCE: Indian Express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine hearing a famous saying that everyone knows, like “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” That’s what “proverbial” means—it refers to something well-known because it’s been used as a proverb or saying for a long time.

MEANING: Relating to a well-known phrase or saying; widely spoken about and familiar (Adjective).


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SYNONYMS: Proverbial, renowned, famous, well-known, legendary

1. He faced the proverbial dilemma of choosing between love and ambition.
2. The restaurant’s proverbial hospitality made it a popular spot.
3. She received the proverbial “pat on the back” for her hard work.
4. The proverbial wisdom of “look before you leap” applies to many situations.



CONTEXT: The one fly in the proverbial ointment is that the share of the working-age population actually working is 46.6 per cent.

SOURCE: Indian Express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine having a skin rash, and your mom applies a soothing cream to make it feel better. That healing substance that you apply on your skin to relieve pain or treat a condition is called “ointment.” It’s like a special cream or lotion for your skin.

MEANING: A smooth, oily substance that is rubbed on the skin for medicinal purposes (noun).


SYNONYMS: Salve, balm, cream, lotion, liniment

1. She applied the ointment to the insect bite to reduce itching.
2. The doctor prescribed an ointment for the patient’s rash.
3. He carries a small tube of ointment in case of minor injuries.
4. The herbal ointment had a soothing effect on the skin.



CONTEXT: Conduct land reform, move excess labour from farms to factories, manufacture stuff with that abundant labour force, sell to the world. Instead, India’s bet was on services.

SOURCE: Indian Express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine a fruit tree that’s full of ripe fruits, ready to be picked. That’s what “abundant” means—it’s when there’s a lot of something, like an overflowing supply or a large quantity.

MEANING: Existing or available in large quantities; plentiful (adjective).


SYNONYMS: Plentiful, ample, copious, profuse, extensive

1. The region is known for its abundant natural resources.
2. She felt grateful for the abundant support from her friends.
3. The garden was filled with abundant flowers and vegetables.
4. The writer’s imagination was an abundant source of creativity.

Conceptualisation Picture Vocabulary


CONTEXT: They recommend building up the skills to double down on higher-end services, such as design, R&D, conceptualisation, which, in turn, gives rise to more demand for lower-skilled services.

SOURCE: Indian Express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine trying to understand a complex idea by breaking it down into simpler parts and visualizing how they connect. That process of forming a clear mental image or understanding of abstract concepts or ideas is called “conceptualization.” It’s like creating a mental map to make sense of something complicated.

MEANING: The act of forming a clear idea or concept of something in your mind (noun)

PRONUNCIATION: kuhn-sep-choo-uh-luh-ZAY-shuhn

SYNONYMS: Visualization, conceptual clarity, mental imagery, understanding, comprehension

1. The conceptualization of the new theory required months of research.
2. Her essay provided a unique conceptualization of human emotions.
3. The artist’s conceptualization of the future was reflected in her paintings.
4. Conceptualization is an essential step in problem-solving.

Iteration Picture Vocabulary


CONTEXT: Implemented initially in Mumbai, Patna, and Mehsana, the contemporary iteration of the model, the Patient Provider Support Agency (PPSA), has recently been scaled up across over 200 districts.

SOURCE: Indian Express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine drawing a picture and then making small changes to improve it each time. That process of repeating and refining something to make it better is called “iteration.” It’s like practicing and improving until you get it right.

MEANING: The act of repeating a process or action (noun).


SYNONYMS: Repetition, reiteration, reworking, revision, refinement

1. The iterative approach allowed for continuous improvement.
2. He used iteration to perfect his recipe for chocolate cake.
3. The software development team followed an iterative process.
4. Iteration is an essential part of the creative process.



CONTEXT: The programme can leverage a major, underutilised resource — informal healthcare providers. Rural medical practitioners and village doctors have a high trust compact with the community.

SOURCE: Indian Express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine having a tool or resource that’s not being used to its full potential, like a computer sitting idle instead of being used for work. That’s what “underutilized” means—it’s when something is not being used as much as it could or should be.

MEANING: Not used to its full potential or capacity (adjective).

PRONUNCIATION: uhn-der-YOO-tuh-lahyzd

SYNONYMS: Unused, neglected, overlooked, untapped, wasted

1. The underutilized space in the office could be turned into a meeting room.
2. She discovered an underutilized talent for singing.
3. The underutilized equipment was sold to make room for new tools.
4. The company’s underutilized assets were reassessed for profitability.



CONTEXT: India has approximately six lakh retail private pharmacists who prescribe an assortment of over-the-counter drugs, including, worryingly, for TB.

SOURCE: Indian Express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine going to a candy store with a wide variety of sweets to choose from—gummies, chocolates, and lollipops. That collection of different types of things is called an “assortment.” It’s like having a diverse selection to pick from.

MEANING: A collection or variety of different types of things (noun).


SYNONYMS: Variety, selection, range, array, mix

1. The store offered an assortment of fruits and vegetables.
2. She bought an assortment of books for her vacation.
3. The buffet had an assortment of dishes from different cuisines.
4. The gift box contained an assortment of chocolates and candies.

Nudging Picture Vocabulary


CONTEXT: These providers can also play a vital role in nudging patients to continue treatment.

SOURCE: Indian Express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine gently pushing someone to take a step forward, like encouraging a friend to try something new. That gentle encouragement or prompting to take action is called “nudging.” It’s about guiding someone in a positive direction.

MEANING: A gentle push or poke, usually with an elbow, to attract attention or prompt action (verb).


SYNONYMS: Prompting, encouraging, urging, prodding, coaxing

1. The teacher used positive reinforcement for nudging students to participate.
2. The campaign aimed at nudging people towards healthier lifestyles.
3. Her mentor’s advice was instrumental in nudging her towards career growth.
4. Nudging consumers to make sustainable choices is a growing trend.



CONTEXT: The right incentives and administrative backing, informal healthcare providers and pharmacists can become partners in the country’s public health missions, significantly bolstering its capacity to provide quality primary care.

SOURCE: Indian Express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine adding extra support to a structure to make it stronger and more stable. That process of strengthening or supporting something, especially to make it more robust, is called “bolstering.” It’s like giving something a boost or reinforcement.

MEANING: Strengthening or supporting something, especially to make it more robust or secure (verb).


SYNONYMS: Strengthening, reinforcing, fortifying, supporting, enhancing

1. The government announced measures for bolstering the economy.
2. His friends played a key role in bolstering his confidence.
3. The company invested in technology for bolstering cybersecurity.
4. Bolstering infrastructure is essential for sustainable development.



Vocabulary List English

Title: “Harvesting Words: Effective Strategies for Mastering ‘Vocabulary List English'”

In the vibrant marketplace of language learning, a ‘vocabulary list English’ is akin to a beautifully stocked grocery list – a tool that equips learners with basic ingredients necessary for fluent communication. However, absorbing the ‘vocabulary list English’ proficiently requires more than mere memorization; it calls for an informed and strategic method of learning.

The initial step towards mastering ‘vocabulary list English’ involves adopting an interactive approach. Instead of just reading and revising, use flashcards or digital memory tools to make the process more engaging. Such modes of learning not only retain interest but also boost retention and comprehension.

When learning ‘vocabulary list English’, practice is a fundamental element. Use these words in routine conversations, emails, or social media posts. The more frequently you use the words, the swiftly their usage becomes second nature.

A crucial part of understanding ‘vocabulary list English’ lies in knowing the context. Simply knowing a word’s meaning isn’t enough; you must know how it’s used in different situations. Reading a variety of materials, from fiction and newspapers to blogs and digital content, offers insight into the practical application of these words, deepening your understanding.

Furthermore, it’s vital to frequently revise ‘vocabulary list English’. Call back to what you’ve learned and give it another run-through. This habit strengthens memory retention and enhances the likelihood of the words being accessible when needed.

In conclusion, mastering ‘vocabulary list English’ is achieved through a blend of engaging tools, active practice, contextual understanding, and regular revision. These strategies, combined, can make the task of mastering ‘vocabulary list English’ a less overwhelming and more rewarding journey. As you venture into this process, you grow and expand your English vocabulary, achieving a heightened level of fluency and confidence in your English communication abilities.

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