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Daily Vocabulary Words: List of Daily Used Words in Leading Indian Newspapers
Hi there. Welcome to this special section @ Wordpandit. Our endeavour here is straightforward: highlighting daily vocabulary words that you would come across in leading newspapers in the country. We have included the following newspapers in our selection:
• The Times of India
• The Economic Times
• Hindustan Times
• Mint
• Indian Express
We are putting in extensive work to develop your vocabulary. All you have to do is be regular with this section and check out this post daily. This is your repository of commonly used words; essentially, we are posting a list of daily used words. Hence, this has significant practical application as it teaches you words that are commonly used in leading publications mentioned above.
Visit the website daily to learn words from leading Indian newspapers.

Embraced Picture Vocabulary

WORD-1: Embraced

CONTEXT: We’ve been told for many years to cut down on our consumption of sugar, and many of us embraced non-sugar sweeteners.

SOURCE: Hindustan Times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine giving someone a big, warm hug because you’re happy to see them or because you want to show you care. That’s what “embraced” means. It’s like wrapping someone up in your arms to show love or acceptance.

MEANING: Accepted or supported something willingly or enthusiastically (verb)


SYNONYMS: Hug, clasp, cuddle, accept, welcome


1. She embraced her friend tightly after not seeing him for a long time.

2. The community embraced the new family moving into the neighborhood.

3. They embraced each other at the airport in a warm hug.

4. The team embraced the challenge with enthusiasm.

Compelling Picture Vocabulary

WORD-2: Compelling

CONTEXT: The evidence is compelling, but far from definitive.

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SOURCE: Hindustan Times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine a story so interesting that you can’t stop listening to it, or a game so fun that you don’t want to stop playing. That’s what “compelling” means. It’s when something is so exciting or important that you want to pay attention to it right away.

MEANING: Evoking interest, attention. or admiration in a powerfully irresistible
way (adjective).


SYNONYMS: Fascinating, captivating, enthralling, persuasive, convincing


1. The movie was so compelling that they watched it without taking a break.

2. She made a compelling argument for why they should go to the park.

3. The book’s story was compelling, making it hard to put down.

4. His compelling reason for being late was that he helped a lost dog find its way home.

Embedded Picture Vocabulary

WORD-3: Embedded

CONTEXT: That dispute is embedded in the ecosystem of the Palk Straits and involves ethnic Tamils living on both sides of the international maritime boundary line (IMBL).

SOURCE: Hindustan Times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine a sticker stuck to your hand that you can’t easily peel off because it’s really attached to your skin. “Embedded” is like that but can be for anything stuck inside something else, not just stickers. It means something is put into something else so that they’re really close or fixed together.

MEANING: Fixed firmly and deeply in a surrounding mass (adjective).


SYNONYMS: Implanted, inserted, entrenched, fixed, ingrained


1. The piece of glass was embedded in his foot after he walked on the broken bottle.

2. Memories of the fun summer were deeply embedded in her mind.

3. The journalist was embedded with the troops to report on the war.

4. The spy software was embedded into the app without users knowing.


WORD-4: Spectrum

CONTEXT: The island now lies on the Sri Lankan side of the IMBL arouses spirited opposition within the political spectrum in Tamil Nadu.

SOURCE: Hindustan Times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine seeing a rainbow with all its different colors from red to violet. That rainbow shows a “spectrum” of colors, meaning it has many colors ranging from one end to the other. So, “spectrum” can mean a range of something that goes from one possibility to another.

MEANING: A range of different positions, opinions, or conditions (noun).


SYNONYMS: Range, scope, scale, gamut, array


1. The festival celebrated music from across the spectrum, from classical to rock.

2. People’s opinions on the issue covered a wide spectrum.

3. The scientist explained the spectrum of light to the students.

4. The book explores the emotional spectrum of human experiences.


WORD-5: Unfurling

CONTEXT: The late chief minister (CM) and AIADMK leader, J Jayalalithaa in a fiery speech made while unfurling the national flag from the ramparts of Fort St George in Chennai on August 15, 1991, urged the people of Tamil Nadu to retrieve Katchatheevu.

SOURCE: Hindustan Times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine a tight roll of paper or a flag that’s all wrapped up. When you let it go or pull it open, it spreads out and can be seen clearly. That’s what “unfurling” means. It’s like opening something that’s rolled up or folded so it can be fully seen or used.

MEANING: To unfold or spread out something that has been rolled or folded up (verb).


SYNONYMS: Unfold, spread out, open, expand, extend


1. The sailors were unfurling the sails to catch the wind.

2. She unfurled the map on the table to plan their trip.

3. The new flower was slowly unfurling its petals in the sun.

4. They watched the flag unfurling at the ceremony.


WORD-6: Acquiesced

CONTEXT: the latter had acquiesced in India acceding to the Sri Lankan claims to Katchatheevu.

SOURCE: Hindustan Times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine if you really want to play outside, but it’s raining hard, and your mom says it’s better to stay in. So, you decide to play inside instead, even though it’s not what you wanted. That’s “acquiescing.” It means you agree to do something or go along with it, even if you don’t really want to, just because it seems like the best thing to do at the moment.

MEANING: To accept something reluctantly but without protest (verb).


SYNONYMS: Consent, agree, comply, assent, yield


1. She acquiesced to her parents’ decision to move to a new city.

2. After a long debate, he finally acquiesced and agreed to their terms.

3. They acquiesced to the changes in the project plan.

4. Although unhappy, she acquiesced to the new office policies.


WORD-7: Turgid

CONTEXT: there has been no mention that India will seek the “return” of the island, given the emotion-ridden texture of the Sri Lankan outlook on India, turgid concerns have been expressed by Colombo-based influential news outlets.

SOURCE: Hindustan Times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine a balloon that’s filled with so much air that it looks like it’s going to pop. That balloon is really swollen and big. “Turgid” is a word that can describe something swollen like that balloon, or it can mean something that’s too fancy or complicated in a way that’s hard to understand.

MEANING: Swollen and distended or congested; (of language or style) inflated, overcomplicated, or pompous (adjective).


SYNONYMS: Swollen, bloated, overblown, pompous, inflated


1. The river was turgid after the heavy rains.

2. His leg became turgid from the allergic reaction.

3. The article was written in a turgid style that made it difficult to read.

4. Critics found the novel’s prose too turgid and overdone.


WORD-8: Perpetuity

CONTEXT: There have been suggestions that Tamil Nadu should persuade the ministry of external affairs to come to an agreement with Sri Lanka for the island to be “leased in perpetuity” to India for which, obviously, concessions would have to be made, in return.

SOURCE: Hindustan Times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine something that goes on forever, like a toy train that never stops running around its track, no matter how much time passes. “Perpetuity” is a big word that means just that—something that lasts forever, without end.

MEANING: The state or quality of lasting forever (noun).

PRONUNCIATION: per-puh-TOO-uh-tee

SYNONYMS: Eternity, forever, infinitude, endlessness, immortality


1. The legend of the hero was passed down through generations in perpetuity.

2. They donated the land to the public in perpetuity.

3. The contract guaranteed her rights to the royalties in perpetuity.

4. He wished for their friendship to last in perpetuity.

WORD-9: Sovereignty

CONTEXT: The fact that Sri Lanka now exercises sovereignty over Katchatheevu is a fait accompli.

SOURCE: Hindustan Times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine a big castle where the king or queen makes all the rules and decides how everything should be done in their land. “Sovereignty” is like being the king or queen of a place, having the power to make all the decisions and control everything without anyone else telling you what to do.

MEANING: Supreme power or authority of a state or organization to govern
itself (noun)


SYNONYMS: Authority, control, dominion, supremacy, autonomy


1. The country declared its sovereignty and became independent.

2. The king’s sovereignty was respected throughout the land.

3. They fought to protect their sovereignty against foreign invaders.

4. The debate on state sovereignty is central to federalism.

Ethnicity Picture Vocabulary

WORD-10: Ethnicity

CONTEXT: They are united by their history, and ties of religion, language and ethnicity.

SOURCE: Hindustan Times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Think about all the different kinds of food you like—pizza from Italy, tacos from Mexico, sushi from Japan. Each of these foods comes from a different place where people have their own ways of dressing, speaking, and celebrating. “Ethnicity” is a word that talks about these groups of people and the special things they share, like where their families come from, their traditions, or their culture.

MEANING: A category of people who identify with each other based on common
ancestral, social, cultural, or national experiences (noun).

PRONUNCIATION: eh-THN-iss-uh-tee

SYNONYMS: Culture, heritage, nationality, race, ancestry


1. The festival celebrated the ethnicity of the community with food, music, and dance.

2. People from various ethnicities came together to discuss community issues.

3. She is proud of her ethnicity and the traditions it carries.

4. The survey included questions about participants’ ethnicity to understand the diverse backgrounds.



Vocabulary Sentence

Title: “Building Bridges with Words: Learning the ‘Vocabulary Sentence’ Way”

The task of mastering language stretches beyond the realm of solitary words. It invites us to construct and comprehend a ‘vocabulary sentence’. This amalgamation of words into meaningful sentences adds layers to our linguistic prowess. However, effectively learning from a ‘vocabulary sentence’ requires some strategic insight. So, how should we approach it?

Firstly, when encountering a ‘vocabulary sentence’, it’s pivotal to comprehend the word in context. Deciphering its place and role in the sentence gives a deeper insight into the word’s meaning, usage, and nuances. This approach aids in firm retention and active application of words.

Another technique to master a ‘vocabulary sentence’ is to break it into manageable chunks. Look at each word, understand its function, and then put it all together to comprehend the sentence as a whole. This step-by-step dissection and understanding better cements the ‘vocabulary sentence’ into your learning.

Mimicking the prosody and rhythm of language while practicing ‘vocabulary sentence’ can also foster better learning. In this regard, listening to podcasts or watching videos in the target language can be exceptionally beneficial. They showcase real-life demonstrations of how words are strung together into sentences with correct stress patterns and intonations.

Lastly, crafting your own ‘vocabulary sentence’ with learnt words strengthens understanding and boosts recall. Be it during conversation or writing, actively using these sentences plays a key role in contextual learning.

In essence, unfolding a ‘vocabulary sentence’ is a treasure trove of learning opportunities. With proper understanding, breaking sentences into chunks, mimicking prosody, and actively crafting sentences, the journey of learning from a ‘vocabulary sentence’ becomes engaging and fruitful. Every sentence learnt and applied is a valuable catch in the linguistic sea!

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