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Daily Vocabulary Words: List of Daily Used Words in Leading Indian Newspapers
Hi there. Welcome to this special section @ Wordpandit. Our endeavour here is straightforward: highlighting daily vocabulary words that you would come across in leading newspapers in the country. We have included the following newspapers in our selection:
• The Times of India
• The Economic Times
• Hindustan Times
• Mint
• Indian Express
We are putting in extensive work to develop your vocabulary. All you have to do is be regular with this section and check out this post daily. This is your repository of commonly used words; essentially, we are posting a list of daily used words. Hence, this has significant practical application as it teaches you words that are commonly used in leading publications mentioned above.
Visit the website daily to learn words from leading Indian newspapers.

WORD-1: Apex

CONTEXT: There is a fundamental difference between the ‘cabinet system’ of a body that was at the apex of an enslaved India’s executive and the cabinet of the Indian republic.

SOURCE: Telegraph India

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine climbing the highest part of a mountain, where you’re standing at the very top, looking down at everything below. That highest point is called the “apex.” It’s like being at the top of a giant slide at the playground, where you’re higher than everything else and ready to slide down. The apex is the very top or highest part of something, where you feel like you’re on top of the world.

MEANING: The highest point or the greatest part of something (noun).


SYNONYMS: Peak, summit, pinnacle, zenith, crest, top.

1. The mountain’s apex was covered with snow.
2. She reached the apex of her career with that award.
3. The apex of the pyramid is perfectly aligned with the stars.
4. The athlete was at the apex of his performance during the championship.


WORD-2: Lavished

CONTEXT: The BJP and the sangh parivar lavished unprecedented praise on Modi for achieving, what they called, a five-century-long national aspiration.

SOURCE: Telegraph India

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine someone gives you a huge pile of your favorite candies, much more than you expected. When someone “lavishes” something on you, it means they’re giving you a lot of something nice or special, like love, gifts, or praise, in a very generous way. It’s like getting showered with so many balloons and presents at your birthday party that you feel super special and happy.

MEANING: To give something in generous or extravagant amounts, often more than is usual or necessary (verb).


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SYNONYMS: Bestowed, showered, heaped, endowed, spoiled, pampered.

1. They lavished praise on the winning team for their outstanding performance.
2. Her grandparents lavished her with gifts on her birthday.
3. The chef lavished attention on every detail of the meal.
4. He lavished affection on his pets, treating them like royalty.

Compelledvocabulary Picture

WORD-3: Compelled

CONTEXT: Now, Bharat Ratna awards are very different from a cabinet resolution praising a prime minister, but the common factor is that the prime ministers concerned may have been compelled to accept the praise lavished on them even if they were embarrassed by it.

SOURCE: Telegraph India

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine if someone or something makes you feel like you really have to do something, almost like a superhero feeling the need to save the day. When you’re “compelled,” it means you feel a strong push or force to do something, either because it’s the right thing to do, or because someone is asking you in a way that’s hard to say no to. It’s like being gently pushed towards the swing by a friend because they know you’ll have fun once you start swinging.

MEANING: Forced to do something or feeling very strongly that you must do something (verb).


SYNONYMS: Obligated, urged, driven, required, coerced, impelled.

1. She felt compelled to help her friend in need.
2. The circumstances compelled him to make a difficult decision.
3. They were compelled by law to provide the documents.
4. The story was so touching that he felt compelled to share it.

Endowed Picture Vocabulary

WORD-4: Endowed

CONTEXT: It noted that such great religious work (anushthan) could only be achieved by a person who was endowed with god’s (prabhu’s) grace.

SOURCE: Telegraph India

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine someone gives you a special gift, like a magic wand that lets you do amazing things, or a backpack filled with everything you need for an adventure. Being “endowed” means you’re given a special ability, quality, or money to help you do something great. It’s like having a secret power or a treasure chest that helps you achieve your dreams.

MEANING: Provided or gifted with a particular quality or attribute (verb).


SYNONYMS: Gifted, blessed, equipped, furnished, granted, supplied.

1. She was endowed with a beautiful singing voice.
2. The foundation endowed the university with a new research center.
3. He felt endowed with the responsibility to lead the team.
4. The park was endowed with a donation from the community.

WORD-5: Applauded

CONTEXT: The cabinet applauded Modi’s eleven days’ rituals and his travels to spiritual places associated with Rama to prepare for the pran pratishtha. These visits had imparted energy to India’s solidarity.

SOURCE: Telegraph India

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine watching a show or a friend doing something amazing, and when they finish, you start clapping your hands together because you’re so happy and impressed. That clapping to show you liked what they did is called “applauding.” It’s like saying “wow, that was awesome!” with your hands. It’s a way to let someone know they did a great job and you’re proud of them.

MEANING: To show approval or praise by clapping hands (verb).


SYNONYMS: Cheered, praised, celebrated, commended, acclaimed, congratulated.

1. The audience applauded loudly after the performance.
2. Her courage was applauded by everyone in the room.
3. He was applauded for his honesty and integrity.
4. The new policy was applauded by environmentalists.


WORD-6: Initiator

CONTEXT: These visits had imparted energy to India’s solidarity. The resolution hailed Modi not only as a leader of the people but also as the initiator of a new age.

SOURCE: Telegraph India

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Think of someone who starts a game at the playground, like suggesting to play tag or hide and seek. This person, who comes up with the idea and gets everyone excited to play, is called an “initiator.” It’s like being the captain of a ship, deciding where to go and starting the journey. An initiator is someone who begins something, like a project, a plan, or even a fun activity.

MEANING: A person or thing that starts or causes something to happen, often leading the way or being the first to act (noun).


SYNONYMS: Originator, creator, founder, pioneer, instigator, catalyst.

1. She was the initiator of the community garden project.
2. The company’s founder was also the initiator of its innovative policy.
3. He’s known as an initiator of change within the organization.
4. The initiator of the meeting set the agenda and goals.


WORD-7: Portfolio

CONTEXT: It would not be out of place to recall that the Viceroy’s Executive Council adopted the ‘cabinet system’ of allocating portfolios to its members in 1861.

SOURCE: Telegraph India

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine you have a big folder where you keep all your best drawings, school projects, or even pictures of things you’ve built, like lego castles or cool crafts. This special folder is called a “portfolio.” It’s a way to show off all the great things you’ve done so others can see your skills and talents. It’s like a treasure chest filled with your most precious achievements.

MEANING: A collection of works or documents that represent a person’s, company’s, or organization’s skills and accomplishments, often used to show their abilities and achievements (noun).


SYNONYMS: Collection, compilation, dossier, record, showcase, album.

1. The artist showed her portfolio to the gallery owner.
2. The architect’s portfolio included designs of famous buildings.
3. She compiled a portfolio of her photography work.
4. The investment portfolio consisted of stocks, bonds, and real estate.


WORD-8: Hesitation

CONTEXT: It can be asserted without hesitation that upholding the Constitution is the first duty of the cabinet.

SOURCE: Telegraph India

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine you’re about to jump into a pool, but you pause for a moment at the edge because you’re not sure if it’s too cold or too deep. That little pause or moment when you’re not sure what to do is called “hesitation.” It’s like when you’re deciding whether to take a piece of candy from the jar, wondering if it’s okay. Hesitation is that brief time when you’re thinking about what to do next.

MEANING: A pause or delay because of uncertainty or difficulty in making a decision, often showing doubt or reluctance (noun).


SYNONYMS: Pause, uncertainty, indecision, reluctance, wavering, doubt.

1. There was a moment of hesitation before she answered the question.
2. His hesitation to agree showed his uncertainty about the deal.
3. After a brief hesitation, she took a step forward.
4. The hesitation in his voice revealed his true feelings.

Righteous Picture Vocabulary

WORD-9: Righteous

CONTEXT: His message of righteous conduct at all times and by everyone is an immeasurably precious heritage. Hence, above all, the Ram mandir should always remind us of what Rama stood for — compassion, duty and, when necessary, to fight for what is right.

SOURCE: Telegraph India

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine someone who always does what’s right, like a superhero who helps people and stands up for what’s fair and good. This person is “righteous.” It means being really good and fair, always trying to do the right thing, like sharing your toys or helping a friend in need. A righteous person is like a knight in shining armor, always ready to do good deeds.

MEANING: Morally right or justifiable; virtuous (adjective).


SYNONYMS: Virtuous, moral, ethical, honorable, upright, good.

1. The community respected him for his righteous actions.
2. She felt a righteous anger towards the injustice she witnessed.
3. The judge was known for his righteous decisions.
4. Their cause was righteous, fighting for equality and fairness.


WORD-10: Farsighted

CONTEXT: The skeleton for AIJS has been provided in Article 312. But a farsighted approach needs to be adopted to give it flesh and blood.

SOURCE: Telegraph India

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine being able to see things far away very clearly, like spotting a bird in the sky or a ship on the horizon before anyone else. Being “farsighted” means you can plan for the future, thinking about what might happen later and preparing for it. It’s like having a magical telescope that lets you see what’s coming up, so you can be ready for it. It’s not just about seeing with your eyes but thinking ahead with your mind.

MEANING: Able to see far objects clearly or having the ability to understand the potential outcomes of actions and plan for the future wisely (adjective).


SYNONYMS: Visionary, prescient, foresighted, forward-thinking, prophetic, prudent.

1. Her farsighted planning saved the company during tough times.
2. He was farsighted in his investment choices, thinking of long-term benefits.
3. The farsighted leader anticipated changes in the industry.
4. Adopting farsighted environmental policies is crucial for sustainability.



Vocabulary SSC

Title: “Cracking the Code: A Guide to Master ‘Vocabulary SSC'”

Navigating the path to success in competitive examinations like the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) triggers a keen focus on ‘vocabulary SSC’. This collection of words, often prominent in SSC examinations, holds paramount importance, and forms a significant part of a candidate’s linguistic preparation. However, mastering ‘vocabulary SSC’ is a process that requires deliberate strategy and dedication.

To begin the journey with ‘vocabulary SSC’, a structured learning regime is key. Break the learning process into manageable chunks. Concentrate on a set number of words each day. This steady, consistent approach reduces the risk of burnout and enhances long-term retention of vocabulary.

The strategic use of memory aids can significantly boost the learning of ‘vocabulary SSC’. Utilize flashcards, memory apps, or even create personal mnemonics to help remember each word and its meaning more effectively. Associating a word to a personal event or object creates a lasting mental connection, making recall easier.

To truly master ‘vocabulary SSC’, it’s crucial to engage with the words in different contexts. Incorporating the words into daily reading and writing practices provides exposure to their usage in varied situations. This practical application reinforces the understanding of ‘vocabulary SSC’, enhancing the ability to employ these words accurately in the exam setting.

Regular revision is a must when preparing ‘vocabulary SSC’. Spaced repetition, interspersing the study with regular breaks, and regularly revisiting the words learned, ensures the words stay firm in your memory, ready to use when needed.

In essence, preparing ‘vocabulary SSC’ is an exercise in action-oriented constant learning. Strategic use of learning tools, practical application, and regular revision are key aspects of getting a grip on ‘vocabulary SSC’. As you stride through this process, you inch closer to acing your SSC examinations with an enriched vocabulary and boosted confidence.

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