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Daily Vocabulary Words: List of Daily Used Words in Leading Indian Newspapers
Hi there. Welcome to this special section @ Wordpandit. Our endeavour here is straightforward: highlighting daily vocabulary words that you would come across in leading newspapers in the country. We have included the following newspapers in our selection:
• The Times of India
• The Economic Times
• Hindustan Times
• Mint
• Indian Express
We are putting in extensive work to develop your vocabulary. All you have to do is be regular with this section and check out this post daily. This is your repository of commonly used words; essentially, we are posting a list of daily used words. Hence, this has significant practical application as it teaches you words that are commonly used in leading publications mentioned above.
Visit the website daily to learn words from leading Indian newspapers.


WORD-1: Self-sustenance

CONTEXT: It also assures revenue — the question of a viable model for self-sustenance is critical to the durability of any OTT platform.

SOURCE: Hindustan times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine you have a little garden where you grow all your favorite fruits and vegetables. You take care of the garden, and in return, it gives you food to eat. You don’t need to go to the store to buy these foods because your garden provides them. This is like being your own little store. That’s what self-sustenance is like. It means you have everything you need and don’t have to depend on anyone else to provide it for you.

MEANING: The ability to support oneself or itself without external assistance (noun).

PRONUNCIATION: self-sus-ten-ance

SYNONYMS: Independence, Self-reliance, Autonomy, Self-support, Self-sufficiency

1. The village aimed for self-sustenance by growing its own food and generating its own power.
2. Learning about self-sustenance, the boy planted a garden to grow vegetables and fruits.
3. The community’s self-sustenance was admired by many, as they hardly needed anything from outside.
4. She took a course on self-sustenance to learn how to live independently in the wilderness.
5. The documentary on self-sustenance inspired many to start their own gardens and reduce reliance on supermarkets.

WORD-2: Repository

CONTEXT: A large repository of classic Indian and world movies could also get it a large number of subscribers. Artistic merit should be the main criteria for inclusion in C-Space’s library.

SOURCE: Hindustan times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Think of your toy box where you keep all your toys. Whenever you want to play, you know exactly where to find them. A repository is like a big, special box where important things or information are kept so people can find and use them when they need to. It’s a place to store things safely so they don’t get lost.

MEANING: A place or receptacle where things are stored or can be found (noun).

PRONUNCIATION: re-pos-i-tory

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SYNONYMS: Archive, Depot, Warehouse, Storage, Vault

1. The library serves as a repository for thousands of historical documents.
2. She used the cloud service as a repository for her digital photos and documents.
3. The museum’s repository held rare artifacts not displayed in the main exhibit.
4. The software developer uploaded his code to an online repository for others to use.
5. Universities often have a repository where they keep all the thesis papers submitted by students.


WORD-3: Surrogacy

CONTEXT: I gave her my opinion and she went ahead with her surrogacy arrangement abroad, another woman has taken a different route.

SOURCE: Indian Express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine if a bird found it couldn’t hatch its own eggs, so it asked another bird to keep the eggs warm and take care of them until they hatch. The bird that helps is doing something very kind, like being a helper mommy for the eggs. Surrogacy is when someone helps another person by carrying and giving birth to a baby for them because they can’t do it themselves. It’s a way of helping someone have a family when they need a little extra help.

MEANING: The process of carrying and delivering a child for another person or couple who cannot conceive or carry a pregnancy to term (noun).

PRONUNCIATION: sur-ro-ga-cy

SYNONYMS: Substitute motherhood, Gestational carrying, Proxy pregnancy, Third-party reproduction, Assisted reproduction

1. They considered surrogacy as an option to start their family after years of unsuccessful treatments.
2. Surrogacy agreements often involve legal contracts to ensure the rights of all parties are protected.
3. A friend offered to help through surrogacy, bringing immense joy to the couple longing for a child.
4. The documentary explored the emotional and ethical complexities of surrogacy.

Pertaining Picture Vocabulary

WORD-4: Pertaining

CONTEXT: this is a deliberative process, but, as with matters pertaining to different bureaucracies, there is always some tension.

SOURCE: Hindustan times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Think about when you’re telling a story about your school day, and you talk about things that happened in your classroom, like drawing or reading. When you talk about these things, you’re talking about stuff that is about or related to your classroom. “Pertaining” is a fancy word that means something is connected to or about something else. So, if you’re talking about things pertaining to your classroom, you’re talking about things that have to do with your classroom.

MEANING: Relating to or having a connection with something (adjective).

PRONUNCIATION: per-tain-ing

SYNONYMS: Relevant, Related, Concerning, Connected, Applicable

1. The teacher asked for feedback pertaining to the new classroom rules.
2. Documents pertaining to the case were submitted to the court.
3. She had questions pertaining to her project’s requirements.
4. The survey included questions pertaining to health and lifestyle habits.

Termination Picture Vocabulary

WORD-5: Termination

CONTEXT: the positive interpretation from the Supreme Court, single women seeking termination of pregnancies are still facing hurdles.

SOURCE: Indian Express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine you’re building a tower with blocks, and after it gets really tall, you decide to stop adding more blocks. That’s like saying you’re terminating the building of your tower. Termination means ending something, stopping it from going on. It’s like when you finish watching a movie, the movie doesn’t keep going forever; it comes to an end. That ending is a kind of termination because it stops.

MEANING: The act of ending something or coming to an end (noun).

PRONUNCIATION: ter-mi-na-tion

SYNONYMS: Conclusion, End, Cessation, Finale, Completion

1. The termination of the project was announced after several delays.
2. Her employment saw termination due to company downsizing.
3. The contract included a clause for early termination.
4. The termination of the service was a disappointment to its users.

Poignant Picture Vocabulary

WORD-6: Poignant

CONTEXT: a poignant moment that challenged this linguistic hierarchy.

SOURCE: Indian express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine you watch a movie that makes you feel really sad and happy at the same time, like when you see a puppy being rescued. It makes your heart feel heavy but also full of love. That feeling is what “poignant” means. It’s when something is so touching or moving, it makes you feel deep emotions, sometimes even making you want to cry because it’s so powerful.

MEANING: Evoking a keen sense of sadness or regret (adjective).


SYNONYMS: Touching, Moving, Heartrending, Emotional, Stirring

1. The poignant scene in the movie brought tears to everyone’s eyes.
2. She shared a poignant memory of her grandmother with the group.
3. The music had a poignant quality that resonated with his feelings.
4. His speech was poignant, reminding us of the importance of compassion.

Garnering Picture Vocabulary

WORD-7: Garnering

CONTEXT: The plan to launch an OTT platform was first discussed two years ago, after the Covid-19 pandemic, when such services were garnering wide attention.

SOURCE: Hindustan times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Think about playing a game where you collect coins or stars as you go along. The more you collect, the better you do in the game. Garnering is a lot like collecting or gathering things, but it’s not just about coins or stars; it can be about collecting anything, like compliments, awards, or even fruits from a garden. It’s like when you do something good, and you get lots of claps or “good job” from people; you’re garnering praise.

MEANING: Gathering or collecting (something. especially information or approval) (verb).

PRONUNCIATION: gar-ner-ing

SYNONYMS: Collecting, Gathering, Accumulating, Amassing, Assembling

1. She spent years garnering experience in various fields.
2. The author is garnering support for his new book through social media.
3. His efforts in the community were garnering much-needed attention to the cause.
4. The movie has been garnering rave reviews from critics.


WORD-8: Succumbed

CONTEXT: OTT players have succumbed to the pressures of communal groups, and have ended up withdrawing movies and web series that such groups say “hurt sentiments”— an Indian euphemism for social censorship.

SOURCE: Hindustan times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine you’re trying to build a sandcastle, but no matter how hard you try, the waves keep washing it away. Finally, you let the waves win, and you stop trying to build the castle. Succumbing is like giving in or letting something else win when you can’t hold up anymore. It’s like when you’re trying not to laugh at a funny joke, but it’s too funny, and you start laughing anyway. You’ve succumbed to the laughter because you couldn’t keep it in any longer.

MEANING: To fail to resist pressure, temptation, or some other negative force (verb).


SYNONYMS: Yield, Give in, Capitulate, Surrender, Submit

1. Despite his efforts, he succumbed to fatigue and had to rest.
2. The town finally succumbed to the invading forces after a long siege.
3. She succumbed to temptation and ate the chocolate cake.
4. The old tree succumbed to the storm and fell over.


WORD-9: Envisioned

CONTEXT: The platform needs to be envisioned as a public OTT rather than government owned. Given the tendencies in governance in these times, this may remain wishful thinking.

SOURCE: Hindustan times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine closing your eyes and thinking of a beautiful place you want to visit, like a beach with golden sand and clear blue water. You can see it in your mind, even though you’re not there. That’s what envisioning is like. It’s when you picture something in your mind, like dreaming about something you want to do or a place you want to go. It’s like making a movie in your head about how you want things to be.

MEANING: Imagined or thought of something as a future possibility (Verb).

PRONUNCIATION: en-vi-sioned

SYNONYMS: Imagine, Picture, Visualize, Dream, Conceive

1. She envisioned a world where peace and harmony prevailed.
2. The architect envisioned a modern building that would stand out in the city.
3. He had always envisioned traveling the world and experiencing different cultures.
4. The project was envisioned to improve the lives of the community members.


WORD-10: Piecemeal

CONTEXT: Such tinkering also reveals a piecemeal approach to this issue.

SOURCE: Hindustan times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Think about doing a big puzzle. Instead of trying to put it all together at once, you find a few pieces that fit together at a time. You do it bit by bit, or in small steps, until the whole puzzle is complete. That’s what piecemeal means. It’s when you do something little by little, not all at once. Like if you clean your room by picking up toys first, then clothes, and then books, you’re cleaning it piecemeal.

MEANING: One piece at a time; gradually (adverb) or in a way that is done in stages or parts (adjective).

PRONUNCIATION: pie-ce-meal

SYNONYMS: Gradually, Bit by bit, Step by step, Incrementally, Little by little

1. The town’s restoration was carried out piecemeal over several years.
2. She tackled the project piecemeal, completing one section at a time.
3. Reforms were introduced piecemeal, rather than all at once.
4. The information was revealed piecemeal, keeping everyone in suspense.



Vocabulary Synonyms

Title: “Expanding Linguistic Horizons: A Guide to Learning ‘Vocabulary Synonyms'”

In the intricate weave of language learning, ‘vocabulary synonyms’ emerge as a key element that adds depth and variety to expression. These different words with similar meanings enrich our vocabulary, enabling us to communicate with precision and clarity. However, grasping ‘vocabulary synonyms’ successfully warrants a systematic approach.

When approaching ‘vocabulary synonyms’, context is your compass. Engage with various reading materials like novels, newspapers, and digital content to explore and understand how these synonyms are used in different situations. This exposure will fortify your comprehension of ‘vocabulary synonyms’ and their usage nuances.

Employing memory-enhancing techniques can cement your grasp on ‘vocabulary synonyms’. Employing flashcards is an effective method where one side contains the word you know, and the other side has its synonyms. Also, creating mind maps, linking the known word to its various synonyms, can be an engaging way to learn ‘vocabulary synonyms’.

To master ‘vocabulary synonyms’, take an active role in application. Regular conversations, written communications, digital interactions – all of these offer ample opportunities to utilize learnt synonyms. This practice refines your application and accelerates internalization of ‘vocabulary synonyms’.

Embracing language exchange platforms or engaging with native speakers can provide invaluable feedback on the usage of ‘vocabulary synonyms’. This interaction can further enhance your understanding of the cultural idiosyncrasies of word usage.

In conclusion, learning ‘vocabulary synonyms’ is a rewarding pursuit that adds layers of complexity to your language skills. A thoughtful blend of diversified resources, memory tools, practice, and interactive learning can make the task of mastering ‘vocabulary synonyms’ an enjoyable and fruitful journey. Every synonym learnt paints your vocabulary with different shades of understanding, making your language canvas all the more vivid and spectacular!

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