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Daily Vocabulary Words: List of Daily Used Words in Leading Indian Newspapers
Hi there. Welcome to this special section @ Wordpandit. Our endeavour here is straightforward: highlighting daily vocabulary words that you would come across in leading newspapers in the country. We have included the following newspapers in our selection:
• The Times of India
• The Economic Times
• Hindustan Times
• Mint
• Indian Express
We are putting in extensive work to develop your vocabulary. All you have to do is be regular with this section and check out this post daily. This is your repository of commonly used words; essentially, we are posting a list of daily used words. Hence, this has significant practical application as it teaches you words that are commonly used in leading publications mentioned above.
Visit the website daily to learn words from leading Indian newspapers.

Heralded Picture Vocabulary

WORD-1: Heralded

CONTEXT: The first-of-its-kind ‘Voice of the Global South Summit’, convened by India in two editions, heralded a new dawn for multilateralism.

SOURCE: Indian express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Heralded means someone or something announced that something special or important was coming or had arrived, like when your favorite cartoon starts on TV, and you tell everyone it’s starting.

MEANING: To announce or bring to public attention, especially as a sign of something’s arrival or occurrence (verb).

PRONUNCIATION: /ˈher-əld-ed/

SYNONYMS: Announced, Proclaimed, Declared, Broadcasted, Publicized

1. The arrival of spring was heralded by blooming flowers.
2. The victory was heralded as a major achievement.
3. News of the discovery was heralded worldwide.
4. The teacher heralded the student’s success in the competition.

Ushered Picture Vocabulary

WORD-2: Ushered

CONTEXT: the international discourse and has ushered in an era where developing countries take their rightful place in shaping the global narrative.

SOURCE: Indian express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Ushered means to lead or take someone to a place, like when you show your friend where the toys are in your house.

MEANING: To guide or escort someone to a place or in a particular direction (verb).


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SYNONYMS: Escorted, Guided, Led, Conducted, Accompanied

1. She ushered the guests into the dining room.
2. The guard ushered us out of the building.
3. He was ushered to his seat by the host.
4. The ceremony ushered in a new era for the company.


WORD-3: Inclusivity

CONTEXT: Inclusivity also infused India’s domestic approach to G20, making it a People’s Presidency that befits the world’s largest democracy.

SOURCE: Indian express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Inclusivity means making sure everyone feels included and important, no matter how different they are.

MEANING: The practice or policy of including people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, such as those having physical or mental disabilities or belonging to other minority groups (noun).

PRONUNCIATION: /in-kloo-siv-ə-tee/

SYNONYMS: Diversity, Integration, Acceptance, Openness, Tolerance

1. The school promoted inclusivity among students.
2. Inclusivity in the workplace is important.
3. The event was noted for its inclusivity of all community members.
4. They discussed ways to improve inclusivity in the program.

Combating Picture Vocabulary

WORD-4: Combating

CONTEXT: the challenges of choosing between combating hunger and protecting the planet, by outlining a comprehensive roadmap where employment and ecosystems are complimentary, consumption is climate-conscious, and production is planet-friendly.

SOURCE: Indian express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Combating means fighting against something, like when you are trying to stop something bad from happening.

MEANING: To actively fight against or oppose, often referring to struggles against difficulties or diseases (verb).

PRONUNCIATION: /kəm-ˈbat-ing/

SYNONYMS: Fighting, Battling, Confronting, Opposing, Resisting

1. They were combating climate change through various initiatives.
2. Doctors are combating the spread of the disease.
3. She is combating injustice in her community.
4. Governments worldwide are combating the economic crisis.

Culminating Picture Vocabulary

WORD-5: Culminating

CONTEXT: Gender equality took centre stage in the Declaration, culminating in the formation of a dedicated Working Group on the Empowerment of Women next year.

SOURCE: Indian express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Culminating means reaching the highest point or the end of something, like when you build a tower of blocks and put the last block on top.

MEANING: To reach the highest point or final stage, often of a process or event (verb).

PRONUNCIATION: /ˈkʌl-mə-nay-ting/

SYNONYMS: Climaxing, Peaking, Concluding, Finalizing, Completing

1. The event culminated in a spectacular fireworks display.
2. The years of study culminated in her getting her degree.
3. The campaign culminated with a victory parade.
4. The project culminated in a successful launch.


WORD-6: Epitomises

CONTEXT: state legislative assembly seats for women, epitomises our commitment to women-led development.

SOURCE: Indian express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Epitomises means being a perfect example of something, like when someone is so kind that they are the perfect example of kindness.

MEANING: To be a perfect example or representation of a quality or type (verb).

PRONUNCIATION: /i-ˈpit-ə-mīz-es/

SYNONYMS: Embodies, Personifies, Represents, Exemplifies, Symbolizes

1. She epitomises grace under pressure.
2. The building epitomises modern architecture.
3. His work epitomises the early Renaissance style.
4. The festival epitomises the community’s spirit.

Unflagging Picture Vocabulary

WORD-7: Unflagging

CONTEXT: They are the real heroes, along with the 41 trapped workers who displayed unflagging fortitude.

SOURCE: Indian express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Unflagging means to keep going and not stopping or getting tired, like when you keep playing all day without getting tired.

MEANING: Showing sustained enthusiastic action with unflagging vitality (adjective).

PRONUNCIATION: /ʌn-ˈfla-ging/

SYNONYMS: Tireless, Steadfast, Persistent, Relentless, Unwavering

1. Her unflagging dedication to the project was admirable.
2. He showed unflagging energy throughout the competition.
3. Their unflagging support was crucial to our success.
4. The team’s unflagging efforts led to their victory.


WORD-8: Enthusiastically

CONTEXT: Deepawali is one of the most enthusiastically celebrated festivals in the country. This year, it was not so for the families of the 41 workers who got trapped behind a cave-in at the Silkyara tunnel site in Uttarakhand

SOURCE: Indian express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Enthusiastically means doing something with a lot of excitement and energy, like when you’re really excited to play a new game.

MEANING: In a manner showing great excitement and interest (adverb).

PRONUNCIATION: /en-thoo-zi-as-ti-klee/

SYNONYMS: Eagerly, Excitedly, Zealously, Passionately, Wholeheartedly

1. She enthusiastically accepted the invitation.
2. The children enthusiastically participated in the game.
3. He spoke enthusiastically about his plans for the future.
4. The crowd cheered enthusiastically.


WORD-9: Rumbling

CONTEXT: ominous rumbling created the fear of another cave-in, driving the rescuers out for a while.

SOURCE: Indian express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Rumbling is a deep, heavy, somewhat muffled, continuous sound, like the sound of thunder or a big truck moving.

MEANING: Making a deep, heavy, continuous sound (verb, noun).

PRONUNCIATION: /ˈrʌm-bling/

SYNONYMS: Roaring, Grumbling, Resonating, Echoing, Thundering

1. The rumbling of thunder was heard in the distance.
2. Her stomach was rumbling with hunger.
3. The rumbling of the train could be felt through the ground.
4. He heard the rumbling of distant explosions.


WORD-10 Extricated

CONTEXT: the most trying circumstances for two-three days and extricated before access to the front end of the tunnel could be regained.

SOURCE: Indian express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Extricated means to be freed from a difficult or tangled situation, like when you untangle your shoelaces when they are knotted.

MEANING: To free or release from an entanglement or difficulty (verb).

PRONUNCIATION: /ˈek-stri-kay-ted/

SYNONYMS: Freed, Disentangled, Released, Liberated, Rescued

1. She extricated herself from the awkward conversation.
2. The team worked to extricate the trapped hikers.
3. He extricated himself from the legal trouble.
4. With effort, they extricated the vehicle from the mud.



Vocabulary Sentence

Title: “Building Bridges with Words: Learning the ‘Vocabulary Sentence’ Way”

The task of mastering language stretches beyond the realm of solitary words. It invites us to construct and comprehend a ‘vocabulary sentence’. This amalgamation of words into meaningful sentences adds layers to our linguistic prowess. However, effectively learning from a ‘vocabulary sentence’ requires some strategic insight. So, how should we approach it?

Firstly, when encountering a ‘vocabulary sentence’, it’s pivotal to comprehend the word in context. Deciphering its place and role in the sentence gives a deeper insight into the word’s meaning, usage, and nuances. This approach aids in firm retention and active application of words.

Another technique to master a ‘vocabulary sentence’ is to break it into manageable chunks. Look at each word, understand its function, and then put it all together to comprehend the sentence as a whole. This step-by-step dissection and understanding better cements the ‘vocabulary sentence’ into your learning.

Mimicking the prosody and rhythm of language while practicing ‘vocabulary sentence’ can also foster better learning. In this regard, listening to podcasts or watching videos in the target language can be exceptionally beneficial. They showcase real-life demonstrations of how words are strung together into sentences with correct stress patterns and intonations.

Lastly, crafting your own ‘vocabulary sentence’ with learnt words strengthens understanding and boosts recall. Be it during conversation or writing, actively using these sentences plays a key role in contextual learning.

In essence, unfolding a ‘vocabulary sentence’ is a treasure trove of learning opportunities. With proper understanding, breaking sentences into chunks, mimicking prosody, and actively crafting sentences, the journey of learning from a ‘vocabulary sentence’ becomes engaging and fruitful. Every sentence learnt and applied is a valuable catch in the linguistic sea!

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