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Daily Vocabulary Words: List of Daily Used Words in Leading Indian Newspapers
Hi there. Welcome to this special section @ Wordpandit. Our endeavour here is straightforward: highlighting daily vocabulary words that you would come across in leading newspapers in the country. We have included the following newspapers in our selection:
• The Times of India
• The Economic Times
• Hindustan Times
• Mint
• Indian Express
We are putting in extensive work to develop your vocabulary. All you have to do is be regular with this section and check out this post daily. This is your repository of commonly used words; essentially, we are posting a list of daily used words. Hence, this has significant practical application as it teaches you words that are commonly used in leading publications mentioned above.
Visit the website daily to learn words from leading Indian newspapers.

Applauding Picture Vocabulary

WORD-1: Applauding

CONTEXT: Most importantly, he took India to the high table of global governance, with every country applauding and respecting his leadership and India’s global role.

SOURCE: Indian Express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine clapping your hands when someone does something great, like when you clap after a fun show. That’s applauding. It means showing you liked something by clapping.

MEANING: Showing approval or praise by clapping hands. (verb, present participle)


SYNONYMS: Clapping, Cheering, Praising, Commending, Celebrating

1. The audience was applauding loudly after the performance.
2. She was applauding her friend’s success.
3. Everyone started applauding when the speaker finished.
4. The players were applauding the fans for their support.


WORD-2: Entanglement

CONTEXT: Such leverage will make that country vulnerable to greater debt entanglement.

SOURCE: Hindustan Times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Think about when you play with a toy and it gets all mixed up with other toys. That’s like entanglement. It means things are twisted together or a situation is very complicated.

MEANING: The act of being twisted together or a complicated situation. (noun)


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SYNONYMS: Complication, Involvement, Tangle, Snarl, Web

1. The story involved a complex entanglement of events.
2. He found himself in an entanglement with the law.
3. They had to deal with the entanglement of old cables.
4. The entanglement of their affairs made separation difficult.

Bridging Picture Vocabulary

WORD-3: Bridging

CONTEXT: the military leadership has also shown keen interest in bridging the relationship with the US, laying the ground for the civilian government to further promote defense and economic cooperation.

SOURCE: Hindustan Times

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine building a bridge over a river so people can cross it. Bridging is like that. It means making a connection between two things or places.

MEANING: The act of making a connection or link between two things or places. (verb, present participle)


SYNONYMS: Connecting, Linking, Spanning, Uniting, Overcoming

1. The project focused on bridging the gap between two communities.
2. They are bridging old traditions with modern ideas.
3. Bridging these two systems was a significant challenge.
4. The program aims at bridging cultural differences.


WORD-4: Contrary

CONTEXT: As democracies in the developed West flounder in chaos and uncertainty, contrary to the false commentary of the jealous and often supremacist clique, India is going to lead the democratic world by presenting a shining example in this new year.

SOURCE: Indian Express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: When you want to play outside, but your friend wants to play inside, you have contrary ideas. Contrary means the opposite or very different.

MEANING: Opposite in nature, direction, or meaning. (adjective)


SYNONYMS: Opposite, Different, Conflicting, Inverse, Reverse

1. His actions were contrary to the rules.
2. She held a contrary opinion on the matter.
3. Despite contrary weather conditions, the event continued.
4. They went in contrary directions after the meeting.

Self Effacing Picture Vocabulary

WORD-5: Self-effacing

CONTEXT: His cricketing career is not just a benchmark of success and excellence, but stands as a testament to his character, marked by humility and self-effacing grace, and is a symbol of hope for millions across India where cricketers once rose only from the major metropolises.

SOURCE: Indian Express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine someone who doesn’t like to talk about themselves a lot and lets others have the attention. That’s self-effacing. It means not wanting to draw attention to yourself.

MEANING: Not drawing attention to oneself; modest. (adjective)


SYNONYMS: Modest, Humble, Unassuming, Low-key, Understated

1. Despite his achievements, he remains self-effacing.
2. Her self-effacing manner won her many friends.
3. He gave a self-effacing speech at the ceremony.
4. She’s known for her self-effacing sense of humor.

Scattered Picture Vocabulary

WORD-6: Scattered

CONTEXT: Although their relevance is scattered across various versions of the Ramayana, Sita, Kaikeyi and Mandodari exist in the shadow lines of their husbands — Ram, Dasharath and Ravan — flickering between myth-making and historicity, finally settling into a metaphor.

SOURCE: Indian Express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Think about when you drop a box of crayons and they go everywhere. That’s scattered. It means things are spread out all over the place, not together.

MEANING: Spread out over a wide area; not together. (adjective)


SYNONYMS: Spread, Dispersed, Sprinkled, Strewed, Disseminated

1. The toys were scattered all over the floor.
2. His notes were scattered across the desk.
3. There were scattered showers throughout the day.
4. The village consisted of scattered houses along the coast.


WORD-7: Predetermining

CONTEXT: Elections in Pakistan have mostly been a sham, with the country’s military accused of predetermining the outcome, while in Sri Lanka, a divided polity haunts the presidential election due in the second half of the year.

SOURCE: Indian Express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine deciding what you’re going to eat for breakfast the night before. Predetermining is like that. It means deciding something before it happens.

MEANING: Deciding in advance before something happens. (verb, present participle)

PRONUNCIATION: pree-dee-TUR-min-ing

SYNONYMS: Predeciding, Prearranging, Foreordaining, Preplanning, Setting

1. The outcome of the game seemed to be predetermined.
2. He was accused of predetermining the results of the election.
3. Their strategy involved predetermining their responses.
4. The course of the meeting had been predetermined.

Rebalance Picture Vocabulary

WORD-8: Rebalance

CONTEXT: the ruling establishments will be facing tough opposition, leading to regime changes that have the potential to influence the power rebalance in the Indo-Pacific region.

SOURCE: Indian Express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Think about balancing on one foot, then switching to the other foot to stay steady. Rebalance means adjusting things to make them even or balanced again.

MEANING: To adjust or rearrange to achieve balance or an even distribution again. (verb)


SYNONYMS: Readjust, Realign, Equalize, Stabilize, Rectify

1. It’s important to regularly rebalance your investment portfolio.
2. The government took measures to rebalance the economy.
3. They needed to rebalance the workload among team members.
4. The new policy aims to rebalance the educational system.


WORD-9: Parochial

CONTEXT: Modi successfully roused among the citizens of Bharat a sense of their distinct identity as a cultural and civilisational nation that could subsume all the narrow and parochial identities of caste, language, region and religion.

SOURCE: Indian Express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine a small town where people only know about things happening in their town and not anywhere else. Parochial is like that. It means only thinking about your own small area or group and not about wider issues.

MEANING: Having a limited or narrow outlook, especially focused only on a small area or group. (adjective)


SYNONYMS: Narrow-minded, Provincial, Insular, Localized, Myopic

1. His views were criticized for being too parochial.
2. The debate was bogged down by parochial interests.
3. They are trying to move beyond a parochial mindset.
4. The committee’s approach was considered parochial.


WORD-10: Metropolises

CONTEXT: His cricketing career is not just a benchmark of success and excellence, but stands as a testament to his character, marked by humility and self-effacing grace, and is a symbol of hope for millions across India where cricketers once rose only from the major metropolises.

SOURCE: Indian Express

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Think of really big cities with lots of buildings, people, and cars. Metropolises are like that. They are very large and busy cities.

MEANING: Very large and busy cities, often the important cities in a country or region. (noun, plural)

PRONUNCIATION: meh-TROP-uh-luh-sees

SYNONYMS: Cities, Megacities, Capitals, Urban Centers, Municipalities

1. New York and Tokyo are examples of major metropolises.
2. He has lived in several different metropolises around the world.
3. Metropolises often face unique challenges like traffic congestion.
4. The growth of metropolises is a sign of urbanization.



Vocabulary English Grammar

Title: “Chain of Understanding: Unlocking ‘Vocabulary English Grammar'”

Delving into the vast universe of language learning, the ‘Vocabulary English Grammar’ acts as a beacon, illuminating the path to mastery. This synergy of words and rules forms the quintessential framework of the English language. However, understanding ‘Vocabulary English Grammar’ in-depth requires a fine-tuned strategy.

First and foremost, understanding ‘Vocabulary English Grammar’ goes beyond only remembering rules and words. It involves learning how a word functions in a grammatical context. To achieve this, resources like textbooks, online grammar guides, and interactive language learning apps prove to be very valuable.

However, embracing ‘Vocabulary English Grammar’ calls for consistent practice. Adopting thematic learning, where you concentrate on a specific grammatical concept and the vocabulary related to it, can be particularly effective. Reading material like articles and books, or engaging with podcasts and films can provide a real-world context to these concepts.

The key to mastering ‘Vocabulary English Grammar’ lies in constructing sentences. Instead of memorizing disconnected words and rules, start framing sentences. This active application significantly bolsters comprehension and provides practical insight into how grammatical rules govern the use of words.

To truly excel in ‘Vocabulary English Grammar’, it’s important to seek feedback. Participate in language exchange platforms or conversation clubs. These platforms provide an opportunity to apply what you’ve learned and obtain constructive feedback on your progress.

In essence, understanding ‘Vocabulary English Grammar’ is a step-by-step process that requires thoughtful learning, constant practice, application, and proactive feedback. By embedding these techniques into your language learning routine, you can confidently navigate ‘Vocabulary English Grammar’. Remember, mastering ‘Vocabulary English Grammar’ is not about perfection, but about progression and communication. Each rule learned, each word comprehended, brings you closer to the fluency in your English language journey.

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