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Daily Vocabulary Words: List of Daily Used Words in Leading Indian Newspapers
Hi there. Welcome to this special section @ Wordpandit. Our endeavour here is straightforward: highlighting daily vocabulary words that you would come across in leading newspapers in the country. We have included the following newspapers in our selection:
• The Times of India
• The Economic Times
• Hindustan Times
• Mint
• Indian Express
We are putting in extensive work to develop your vocabulary. All you have to do is be regular with this section and check out this post daily. This is your repository of commonly used words; essentially, we are posting a list of daily used words. Hence, this has significant practical application as it teaches you words that are commonly used in leading publications mentioned above.
Visit the website daily to learn words from leading Indian newspapers.

Word-1: Exults
Meaning: To express your joy in some visible way/ to show or feel a lively or triumphant joy.
Synonyms: Rejoice, celebrate, cheer, jubilate, be delighted, be elated, be happy, be in high spirits, etc.
Usage Examples:
1. Sleep while the angels exult in the sky, Singing Thy glory and sweet lullaby.
2. The war was needed so many animals could exult in glory.
3. After winning first place in the contest, his family took him out to exult.

Word-2: Erstwhile
Meaning: Describe someone that used to be the type of person indicated but no longer is.
Synonyms: Once, bygone, ex, late, old, one-time, past, preceding, etc.
Usage Examples:
1. It was my erstwhile swain, looking much the same as ten years earlier.
2. Erstwhile workers may have become managers.
3. Both are in better shape than their erstwhile rivals.

Word-3: Vicarious
Meaning: Experienced or realized through imaginative or sympathetic participation in the experience of another.
Synonyms: By proxy, commissioned, delegated, deputed, empathetic, eventual, imagined, indirect, pretended, secondary, etc.
Usage Examples:
1. Watching his son score the winning goal gave him a vicarious thrill.
2. This takes me into atonement as vicarious love.
3. Many people enjoyed the vicarious thrill of military victory.

Word-4: Ingenuity
Meaning: The ability to solve difficult problems, often in original, clever, and inventive ways.
Synonyms: Ability, brilliance, dexterity, flair, genius, gumption, intelligence, inventiveness, resourcefulness, shrewdness, skill, talent, wisdom, wit, etc.
Usage Examples:
1. The problem tested the ingenuity of even the most imaginative students.
2. We have to admire his ingenuity in redesigning the machinery.
3. His ingenuity with words stamped him as an outstanding politician.

Word-5: Forsake
Meaning: Suggests an action more likely to bring impoverishment or bereavement to that which is forsaken than its exposure to physical dangers.
Synonyms: Disown, forgo, forswear, jettison, quit, relinquish, renounce, repudiate, set aside, spurn, abdicate, desert, disclaim, jilt, leave, resign, surrender, yield, cast off, change one’s tune, drift away, give, up, etc.
Usage Examples:
1. Oak’s eyes could not forsake them.
2. She persuaded her husband to forsake his drinking habit.
3. Because he chose to forsake eternal life for knowledge.

Word-6: Impediments
Meaning: Something that delays or stops the progress of something synonym obstacle.
Synonyms: Gear, machinery, regalia, accoutrements, apparatus, appurtenances, baggage, effects, equipage, habiliments, impedimenta, material, etc.
Usage Examples:
1. A player placed a fir cone or stick against his ball to prevent the ball from moving when he moved some loose impediments.
2. A welter of impediments persist in trade (goods and services).
3. He that hath wife and children hath given hostages to fortune; they are impediments to great enterprises, either of virtue or mischief.

Word-7: Discomfiting
Meaning: To make someone feel slightly uncomfortable, annoyed, or embarrassed / someone is to make them feel uncomfortable or upset.
Synonyms: Awkward, confusing, difficult, disconcerting, distressing, disturbing, puzzling, shameful, ticklish, tricky, troublesome, troubling, uncomfortable, unseemly, upsetting, worrisome, etc.
Usage Examples:
1. But the lack of historical perspective was discomfiting.
2. It was a strange, discomfiting and disorientating landscape.
3. The Atomic Bazaar is an excellent introduction to this most discomfiting topic.

Word-8: Exodus
Meaning: A situation in which many people leave a place at the same time/ the liberation of the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt in the 13th century BCE.
Synonyms: Departure, evacuation, flight, migration, withdrawal, egress, egression, emigration, exit, etc.
Usage Examples:
1. The island is facing a mass exodus of its young people.
2. The gift of manna in Exodus 16 is a pure miracle.
3. There will be an exodus south of the border for this autumn date

Word-9: Recompense
Meaning: Payment given to someone for an injury suffered or for the loss of or damage to property.
Synonyms: Amends, atonement, compensation, cue, damages, emolument, expiation, gravy, indemnification, indemnity, overcompensation, pay, etc.
Usage Examples:
1. They received £1000 in recompense.
2. Social justice has to recompense genetic injustice.
3. King Gotrek demanded recompense from the Elves.

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