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Daily Vocabulary Words: List of Daily Used Words in Leading International Newspapers
Hi there. Welcome to this special section @ Wordpandit.
Our endeavour here is very simple: to highlight important daily vocabulary words, which you would come across in leading newspapers in the country. We have included the following newspapers in our selection:
• The New York Times
• The Washington Post
• Scientific American
• The Guardian
• Psychology Today
• Wall Street Journal
• The Economist
We are putting in extensive work for developing your vocabulary. All you have got to do is be regular with this section and check out this post on a daily basis. This is your repository of words that are commonly used and essentially, we are posting a list of daily used words. Hence, this has significant practical application as it teaches you words that are used commonly in leading publications mentioned above.
Visit the website daily to learn words from leading international newspapers.

Word-1: Lashing
Meaning: A severe beating or whipping; a sharp rebuke or criticism.
Synonyms: Whipping, Beating, Flogging, Scourging, Thrashing, Walloping, Castigation.
Usage Examples:
1. The pirate received a lashing for attempting to steal from the ship’s treasury.
2. Sarah gave him a verbal lashing for arriving late again.
3. The storm gave a fierce lashing to the coastline.
4. After a lashing from the principal, he promised to improve his behavior.

Word-2: Resuscitation
Meaning: The act or process of reviving someone from unconsciousness or apparent death.
Synonyms: Revival, Revivification, Reactivation, Reawakening, Restoration, Resurgence, Renewal.
Usage Examples:
1. The lifeguard’s prompt resuscitation saved the child from drowning.
2. After being in a coma for a week, her resuscitation was a miracle.
3. The company needed financial resuscitation to avoid bankruptcy.
4. The medical team practiced resuscitation techniques during their training.

Word-3: Pugnacious
Meaning: Eager or quick to argue, quarrel, or fight.
Synonyms: Combative, Aggressive, Antagonistic, Bellicose, Quarrelsome, Belligerent, Contentious.
Usage Examples:
1. His pugnacious attitude made it hard for him to maintain friendships.
2. The debate took a turn when one participant became overly pugnacious.
3. She had a pugnacious spirit, always standing up for what she believed in.
4. The coach admired the player’s pugnacious approach on the field.

Word-4: Preoccupations
Meaning: The state or condition of being engrossed with something, to the exclusion of everything else.
Synonyms: Obsession, Fixation, Engrossment, Fascination, Infatuation, Absorption, Immersion.
Usage Examples:
1. Her preoccupation with work caused her to neglect her personal life.
2. Reading became his main preoccupation during the holidays.
3. The country’s preoccupation with the elections overshadowed other important issues.
4. He has a strange preoccupation with collecting antique clocks.

Word-5: Deportation
Meaning: The action of deporting a foreigner from a country, usually for legal reasons or as a penalty.
Synonyms: Expulsion, Banishment, Exile, Ouster, Removal, Eviction, Ejection.
Usage Examples:
1. The court ordered his deportation after he was found guilty of espionage.
2. Families protested against the unfair deportations carried out by the government.
3. The risk of deportation loomed over him after his visa expired.
4. Activists rallied against the mass deportation of refugees.

Word-6: Asylum
Meaning: The protection granted by a nation to someone who has fled from their native country as a political refugee.
Synonyms: Sanctuary, Refuge, Shelter, Protection, Safe haven, Haven, Harbor.
Usage Examples:
1. She sought asylum in the neighboring country after facing persecution in her homeland.
2. The embassy granted him asylum until the conflict was resolved.
3. Many individuals apply for asylum due to fear of violence in their home countries.
4. The old church was turned into an asylum for war refugees.

Word-7: Waning
Meaning: Decreasing in vigor, power, or extent; becoming weaker or smaller.
Synonyms: Diminishing, Declining, Reducing, Ebbing, Receding, Dwindling, Shrinking.
Usage Examples:
1. As the night progressed, the moon was waning.
2. The popularity of the trend was waning as people moved on to newer fads.
3. His interest in the project seemed to be waning.
4. After a year of success, the company’s profits were waning.

Word-8: Hallucinating
Meaning: Experience a seemingly real perception of something not actually present, often as a result of a mental disorder or drug use.
Synonyms: Imagining, Envisioning, Fantasizing, Dreaming, Deluding, Seeing things, Misperceiving.
Usage Examples:
1. After taking the medication, she started hallucinating and saw vivid images.
2. Dehydration can sometimes lead to hallucinating in extreme cases.
3. The fever was so high that he began hallucinating.
4. Without proper sleep, he was hallucinating by the third day.

Word-9: Mythical
Meaning: Existing only in myths or legends; not real or factual.
Synonyms: Legendary, Fabled, Fictional, Imaginary, Fanciful, Folkloric, Fabulous.
Usage Examples:
1. Dragons are often considered mythical creatures.
2. Some believe in the existence of mythical cities of gold.
3. The story of the fountain of youth is a mythical tale passed down through generations.
4. Her achievements were so grand that they seemed almost mythical.

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