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Daily Vocabulary Words: Enhance Your Lexicon with Leading Newspapers & Publications
Welcome to the Daily Vocabulary section at Wordpandit!
Our mission is straightforward: to bring you essential vocabulary words featured in top newspapers and publications worldwide. By focusing on words you’ll encounter in renowned sources, we aim to help you enhance your vocabulary effectively and practically.
Our selection includes words from:
– The New York Times
– The Washington Post
– Scientific American
– The Guardian
– Psychology Today
– Wall Street Journal
– The Economist
– The Hindu
– The Times of India
– The Economic Times
– Hindustan Times
– Live Mint
– The Indian Express
– And many more.
We are committed to your vocabulary development. Simply visit this section regularly and explore the daily posts. This is your go-to repository for commonly used words, providing significant practical benefits by familiarizing you with vocabulary from the leading publications listed above.
Make it a habit to visit our website daily and expand your lexicon with words from top newspapers and publications. (edited)


WORD 1: Condolences

CONTEXT: The PM expressed his condolences during his speech yesterday. The central and state governments will provide all possible assistance.
SOURCE: The Hindu
EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine a friend is really sad because their pet fish died. You might draw them a picture or say something nice to make them feel a little better. That’s giving “condolences.” It means showing someone you’re sorry they’re sad or hurt because something bad happened.
MEANING: Expressions of sympathy and sorrow to someone who has experienced pain, grief, or misfortune (noun).
SYNONYMS: sympathies, commiserations, expressions of sympathy, solace, comfort
1. They sent a card to express their condolences.
2. He received many condolences from friends and family.
3. She offered her condolences at the funeral.
4. Condolences poured in from around the world.

Plaguing Picture Vocabulary
WORD 2: Plaguing

CONTEXT: The prime minister has time to mock the Congress and the Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi but has no time for all the real issues that are plaguing the country.
SOURCE: The Hindu
EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine a bug that keeps following you around and won’t leave you alone, annoying you all day. That’s like “plaguing.” It means constantly troubling or bothering someone or something over a period of time.
MEANING: Continuously troubling or bothering (verb).
SYNONYMS: tormenting, harassing, pestering, bedeviling, afflicting
1. The issue has been plaguing the community for years.
2. He was plagued by doubts before the big exam.
3. The software bug has been plaguing users since its release.
4. She found a solution to the problem that had been plaguing her.

WORD 3: Flogged

CONTEXT: Another woman in West Bengal died by suicide after reportedly being flogged by a group of people over an alleged extramarital affair, amid ongoing outrage following the public flogging of a couple for a supposed illicit relationship in Chopra, Uttar Dinajpur district, news agency PTI reported citing police on Tuesday.
SOURCE: The Hindu
EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine you have a toy that’s not working, and instead of fixing it gently, someone keeps hitting it to try to make it work. That’s “flogging.” It originally means to beat someone severely with a whip or stick, but it can also mean to criticize someone a lot or try too hard to sell something.
MEANING: Beaten with a whip or stick as punishment or sold forcefully (verb).
SYNONYMS: whipped, beaten, thrashed, lashed, criticized harshly
1. Historically, sailors were sometimes flogged for breaking the rules.
2. The old car was flogged off at a low price.
3. He flogged the failing idea at every meeting.
4. The author was flogged by critics for his latest book.

WORD 4: Intervene

CONTEXT: Her husband was also assaulted when he tried to intervene. Unable to bear the humiliation, the woman consumed pesticides and ended her life late Monday night, according to the complaint.
SOURCE:The Hindu
EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine two of your friends are arguing, and you step in to help them stop fighting and make up. That’s “intervening.” It means getting involved in a situation to change what is happening or to help solve a problem.
MEANING: Come between so as to prevent or alter a result or course of events (verb).
SYNONYMS: intercede, mediate, interfere, step in, get involved
1. She intervened in the argument to calm everyone down.
2. The government might have to intervene to stabilize the economy.
3. He intervened to stop the bullying he witnessed.
4. Emergency services intervened quickly at the scene of the accident.

WORD 5: Grievous

CONTEXT: Tajmul was arrested on Sunday afternoon and now faces several charges, including attempted murder, assault with intent to outrage the modesty of a woman, and voluntarily causing grievous hurt.
SOURCE: Hindustan Times
EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine falling off your bike and hurting your knee really badly, much worse than just a small scratch. That’s “grievous.” It means something very serious, severe, or severe harm.
MEANING: Very severe or serious (adjective).
SYNONYMS: severe, serious, grave, dire, severe
1. The accident caused grievous injuries.
2. The news reported grievous losses from the disaster.
3. It was a grievous mistake with serious consequences.
4. The judge found him guilty of grievous bodily harm.

Disastrous Picture Vocabulary
WORD 6: Disastrous

CONTEXT: HBO host Bill Maher is one of the latest to urge Joe Biden to drop out of the race after the president’s disastrous debate performance.
SOURCE: Hindustan Times
EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine building a huge tower of blocks and it suddenly falls over, scattering blocks everywhere. That’s “disastrous.” It means causing great damage or harm, like a big mess or problem that’s hard to fix.
MEANING: Causing great damage or harm; catastrophic (adjective)
SYNONYMS: catastrophic, destructive, ruinous, calamitous, harmful
1. The party was a disastrous failure.
2. The project was delayed by a disastrous flood.
3. His decision proved disastrous for the company.
4. They suffered a disastrous loss in the championship.

WORD 7: Infirmity

CONTEXT: It’s too big a bet to simply hope Americans will overlook or discount Mr. Biden’s age and infirmity that they see with their own eyes.”
SOURCE: Hindustan Times
EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine an older pet who can’t jump and run like they used to because they’re not as strong anymore. That’s an “infirmity.” It means having a weakness or illness that usually lasts for a long time, especially due to old age.
MEANING: Physical or mental weakness (noun).
SYNONYMS: ailment, disability, frailty, weakness, debility
1. With age, his infirmities became more pronounced.
2. She wrote about her struggles with infirmity in her diary.
3. The hospital specializes in treating long-term infirmities.
4. Despite his infirmity, he remains active in his community.

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Intimidated Picture Vocabulary
WORD 8: Intimidated

CONTEXT: “He is forceful, is never at a loss for words or stats, never stumbles, is never intimidated.
SOURCE: Hindustan Times
EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine a big dog barking loudly at a small kitten, and the kitten looks scared. That’s the kitten feeling “intimidated.” It means feeling frightened or overpowered by someone bigger or stronger.
MEANING: Made to feel afraid or less confident (verb).
SYNONYMS: frightened, scared, cowed, daunted, overawed
1. She felt intimidated by the aggressive questioning.
2. The smaller team was intimidated by their opponents’ reputation.
3. He tried to intimidate the witnesses before the trial.
4. The tall buildings and crowded streets intimidated the small-town visitors.

Extravagant Picture Vocabulary
WORD 9: Extravagant

CONTEXT: Following a lavish three-day celebration in Jamnagar in March 2024, the Ambanis hosted a second pre-wedding bash for Anant and Radhika on an extravagant cruise in Italy and South of France.
SOURCE: Hindustan Times
EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine having a party with a giant cake, a magician, a bounce house, and lots of decorations—it’s a really big and fancy party! That’s “extravagant.” It means spending a lot more money or using a lot more of something than is usual or necessary.
MEANING: Spending much more than is necessary or wise; excessive in cost or expenditure (adjective).
SYNONYMS: lavish, excessive, over-the-top, opulent, luxurious
1. The film was known for its extravagant costumes.
2. His extravagant lifestyle was difficult to maintain.
3. She threw an extravagant party for her 30th birthday.
4. The meal was simple and delicious, without extravagant ingredients.

Complexity Picture Vocabulary
WORD 10: Complexity

CONTEXT: While traditional data aggregators or consent managers raise privacy concerns during the collection and distribution of personal information, Generative AI introduces a new layer of complexity.
SOURCE: Hindustan Times
EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine a huge puzzle with thousands of pieces that all look very similar. Putting it together is tricky because it’s so complicated. That’s “complexity.” It means something has many parts or details that are all connected or difficult to understand.
MEANING: The state of being complicated or having many parts (Noun).
SYNONYMS: intricacy, complication, complexity, convolutedness, sophistication
1. The complexity of the issue requires careful analysis.
2. She enjoys the complexity of classical music.
3. The complexity of the machinery makes it difficult to repair.
4. They discussed the moral complexities of the decision.



Vocabulary Daily

Title: “Bringing Words To Life: Mastering the ‘Vocabulary Daily’ Drill”

Language learning is a beautiful yet complex dance, where ‘vocabulary daily’ connote the integral beats. These everyday words form the essence of most of our conversations and are the cornerstone of effective communication. However, a methodical approach is required to efficiently learn ‘vocabulary daily’.

One key approach to learning ‘vocabulary daily’ is consistency. Engaging with a few words every day consistently fosters better understanding and recall than sporadic cramming sessions.

Interactive tools can add a touch of excitement and ease to mastering ‘vocabulary daily’. Flashcards, word of the day calendars, language learning apps can make the learning experience fun and fruitful. These tools not only introduce new words but often provide a context of use, aiding your understanding.

Making ‘vocabulary daily’ a part of your daily life is a surefire success strategy. Incorporating these words into day-to-day conversations, writing, or social media interactions greatly enhances retention and usage. It also allows you to witness firsthand the impact of a rich vocabulary on the clarity of expression.

To effectively grasp ‘vocabulary daily’, always keep a learner’s curiosity. Explore books, news articles, music, and podcasts in the respective language. This exposure helps in absorbing the words in a real-world context, thus building a robust bond with ‘vocabulary daily’.

In conclusion, understanding ‘vocabulary daily’ is an ongoing process that necessitates consistency, interactive learning, practical application, and a learner’s curiosity. By following this comprehensive approach, the task of mastering ‘vocabulary daily’ becomes less of a chore and more of an enriching journey that can lead to eloquent and effective communication. So, step into the exciting world of ‘vocabulary daily’ and let it colour your language learning adventure with shades of clarity, confidence, and joy.

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