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1. Normalcy
• The condition of being normal.
• The state of being usual, typical, or expected.
Usage: The office gradually returned to a semblance of normalcy.

2. Preponderant
• Predominant in influence, number, or importance.
Usage: The preponderant influence of the US within the alliance.

3. Fulmination
• An expression of vehement protest.
Usage: The fulminations of media moralists.
Synonyms: protest, objection, complaint.

4. Percolate
• Of a liquid or gas filter gradually through a porous surface or substance.
Usage: The water percolating through the soil may leach out minerals.

5. Admonition
• A firm warning or reprimand.
Usage: He received numerous admonitions for his behaviour in his school days.
Synonyms: reprimand, rebuke, reproof, remonstrance

6. Coram non judice
• Coram non judice, Latin for “not before a judge,” is a legal term typically used to indicate a legal proceeding that is outside the presence of a judge, with improper venue, or without jurisdiction.

7. Legerdemain
• Skilful use of one’s hands when performing conjuring tricks.
• Deception or trickery.
Usage: A classic piece of management legerdemain

8. Clemency
• Mercy.
• Lenience.
Usage: An appeal for clemency.

9. Shirk
• Avoid or neglect a duty or responsibility.
Usage:Our modern elitist world makes it all the more seductive to shirk the responsibility of cooking
• In Islam, shirk is the sin of practicing idolatry or polytheism.

10. Interdict
• An authoritative prohibition.
Synonyms: Veto, proscription, interdiction, embargo, moratorium, injunction.
Usage: Our ability to be proactive, to try to interdict terrorist activities before they struck has been limited.

11. Covenant
• An agreement.
Usage: There was a covenant between them that her name was never to be mentioned.

12. Entreaty
• An earnest or humble request.
Usage: That was my mother’s position, and neither argument nor entreaty could move her from it.

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