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Daily Vocabulary Words: List of Daily Used Words
Hi there. Welcome to this special section @ Wordpandit.
Our endeavour here is straightforward: highlighting important daily vocabulary words, you would encounter in The Hindu. This is your repository of commonly used words; essentially, we are posting a list of daily used words. Hence, this has significant practical application as it teaches you words that are commonly used in a leading publication such as The Hindu.
Visit the website daily to learn words from The Hindu.

Word-1: Uncivil
Meaning: Rude; lacking good manners or politeness.
Synonyms: Impolite, discourteous, rude, ungracious, unrefined, ill-mannered, boorish, crude, churlish.
Usage Examples:
1. His uncivil remarks during the meeting offended everyone.
2. It’s uncivil to interrupt people while they are speaking.
3. The hostess was taken aback by his uncivil behavior.
4. There’s no need to be uncivil just because you disagree.

Word-2: Nadir
Meaning: The lowest point in the fortunes of a person or organization.
Synonyms: Bottom, lowest point, trough, rock bottom, all-time low, depth, low-water mark, base.
Usage Examples:
1. The company’s stock hit its nadir in the third quarter.
2. That moment was the nadir of his political career.
3. After the team’s tenth consecutive loss, they had reached their nadir.
4. The story depicted the protagonist’s journey from zenith to nadir.

Word-3: Alluding
Meaning: To make a casual or indirect reference to something.
Synonyms: Refer, hint, suggest, imply, mention, intimate, insinuate, indicate, remark.
Usage Examples:
1. She kept alluding to some incident from her past.
2. During his speech, he alluded to his years of experience in the industry.
3. Without naming names, she alluded to the guilty parties.
4. His poetry often alludes to classical myths.

Word-4: Multipronged
Meaning: Having multiple elements or approaches to address an issue.
Synonyms: Multifaceted, multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, diverse, varied, manifold, multi-tiered, composite.
Usage Examples:
1. The government unveiled a multipronged strategy to combat the economic crisis.
2. A multipronged approach to teaching ensures all students benefit.
3. The campaign is multipronged, targeting social media, print, and television audiences.
4. Their solution was multipronged, combining technology and human intervention.

Word-5: Hues
Meaning: A color or shade.
Synonyms: Tints, shades, colors, tones, tinges, pigments, dyes, chroma.
Usage Examples:
1. The sunset was a brilliant display of vivid hues.
2. The room was decorated in muted hues of blue and gray.
3. Her dress had a variety of hues that danced in the sunlight.
4. The artist experimented with different hues in his latest masterpiece.

Word-6: Avalanche
Meaning: A mass of snow, ice, and rocks falling rapidly down a mountainside.
Synonyms: Snowslide, landslip, snowslip, rockfall, icefall, landslide, cascade, rockslide.
Usage Examples:
1. The skiers were warned of avalanche risks in the area.
2. The sudden avalanche buried the entire village beneath it.
3. She described the influx of orders as an avalanche of demand.
4. An unexpected news event triggered an avalanche of social media posts.

Word-7: Resentment
Meaning: Bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly.
Synonyms: Bitterness, indignation, irritation, pique, displeasure, dissatisfaction, grudge, animosity.
Usage Examples:
1. He harbored a deep resentment towards his supervisor.
2. Resentment grew among the employees after the unjust decision.
3. She tried to let go of old resentments for her own peace of mind.
4. Resentment festered as the rumor spread throughout the office.

Word-8: Spectacle
Meaning: A visually striking performance or display.
Synonyms: Display, show, performance, exhibition, presentation, extravaganza, pageant, demonstration.
Usage Examples:
1. The fireworks were a grand spectacle that lit up the night sky.
2. The parade was a colorful spectacle, with dancers and floats.
3. The film offers a visual spectacle with its stunning special effects.
4. The sudden appearance of the comet in the sky was a rare spectacle.

Word-9: Seething
Meaning: Filled with intense but unexpressed anger.
Synonyms: Boiling, fuming, simmering, burning, raging, infuriated, angry, livid.
Usage Examples:
1. He left the room seething with anger after the argument.
2. Underneath her calm exterior, she was seething.
3. The city was seething with unrest as protests erupted.
4. She was seething at the betrayal of her closest friend.

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