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Daily Vocabulary Words: List of Daily Used Words
Hi there. Welcome to this special section @ Wordpandit.
Our endeavour here is straightforward: highlighting important daily vocabulary words, you would encounter in The Hindu. This is your repository of commonly used words; essentially, we are posting a list of daily used words. Hence, this has significant practical application as it teaches you words that are commonly used in a leading publication such as The Hindu.
Visit the website daily to learn words from The Hindu.

Word-1: Demographic
Meaning: Relating to the statistical study of populations, especially human beings.
Synonyms: Population group, populace, segment, section, age group, cohort, statistical, sector, bracket.
Usage Examples:
1. The product appeals mainly to a younger demographic.
2. The city’s demographic shows a high percentage of elderly residents.
3. Changing demographics in the country are influencing voting patterns.
4. Advertisers study demographics to target their campaigns effectively.

Word-2: Scrutiny
Meaning: Able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.
Synonyms: Inspection, survey, review, examination, analysis, evaluation, assessment, audit, probe.
Usage Examples:
1. The document is under strict scrutiny by the legal team.
2. Every expense report was submitted for careful scrutiny.
3. The politician’s actions came under public scrutiny.
4. Scrutiny of the data revealed some interesting trends.

Word-3: Panacea
Meaning: Something that some people believe will solve all problems/ an answer or solution for all problems or difficulties.
Synonyms: Cure-all, universal cure, elixir, remedy, solution, answer, silver bullet, magic bullet, wonder drug.
Usage Examples:
1. The new policy is not a panacea for all our problems.
2. Many believe that education can be a panacea for societal ills.
3. There is no single panacea in medicine that cures everything.
4. While helpful, technology isn’t always a panacea for productivity issues.

Word-4: Fortuitous
Meaning: Happening by accident or chance rather than design.
Synonyms: Accidental, coincidental, unexpected, unforeseen, serendipitous, chance, unplanned, unintended, lucky.
Usage Examples:
1. The meeting was fortuitous, and it led to a great collaboration.
2. Their fortuitous discovery changed the course of the research.
3. She had a fortuitous encounter with a recruiter from her dream company.
4. A fortuitous turn of events landed him the lead role in the play.

Word-5: Fiscal
Meaning: Relating to government revenue, especially taxes.
Synonyms: Financial, monetary, economic, budgetary, tax-related, revenue-related, pecuniary, exchequer, taxing.
Usage Examples:
1. The government announced new fiscal policies.
2. The company is preparing its fiscal report for the year.
3. Fiscal responsibility is crucial for the nation’s economy.
4. The fiscal deficit has been a concern for economists.

Word-6: Illicit
Meaning: Forbidden by law, rules, or custom.
Synonyms: Illegal, unlawful, prohibited, banned, unauthorized, contraband, forbidden, taboo, proscribed.
Usage Examples:
1. The police caught him trading in illicit goods.
2. They were involved in illicit activities across the border.
3. The artwork had been obtained through illicit means.
4. The company was accused of illicit financial transactions.

Word-7: Sterling
Meaning: Means very well in quality; used to describe someone’s work or character.
Synonyms: Superior, exceptional, first-rate, top-notch, outstanding, fine, excellent, prime, premium.
Usage Examples:
1. He paid me in sterling for the artwork.
2. She has a sterling reputation in the community.
3. The team gave a sterling performance in the championship game.
4. The necklace was made of pure sterling silver.

Word-8: Encroaching
Meaning: Intruding or advancing gradually or stealthily on a person’s territory, rights, etc.
Synonyms: Intruding, trespassing, infringing, imposing, invading, obtruding, interrupting, violating, impinging.
Usage Examples:
1. The city’s suburbs are encroaching on the countryside.
2. He’s always encroaching on my personal space.
3. The invasive species is encroaching upon the native habitats.
4. Many feel that the new law is encroaching on their civil rights.

Word-9: Provenance
Meaning: The place of origin or earliest known history of something; the source of a work of art or an artifact.
Synonyms: Origin, source, place of origin, birthplace, fount, roots, background, history, derivation.
Usage Examples:
1. The provenance of the artifact was still under debate.
2. Before purchasing the painting, its provenance was thoroughly checked.
3. The gemstone’s provenance could be traced back to an ancient mine.
4. Knowing the provenance of the product ensures its authenticity.

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