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1. White paper
• White papers are policy documents produced by the Government that set out their proposals for future legislation. White Papers are often published as Command Papers and may include a draft version of a Bill that is being planned.
• A white paper is an authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about a complex issue and presents the issuing body’s philosophy on the matter. It is meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision
Usage:Racing should welcome the white paper because at long last the government are tackling issues which matter to punters

2. Voyeurism
• Enjoyment from seeing the pain or distress of others.
Usage: Township visits are bordering on voyeurism.
• The practice of gaining sexual pleasure from watching others when they are naked or engaged in sexual activity.
Usage: Internet sites dedicated to the act of voyeurism.

3. Maturity Mismatch
• A maturity mismatch is a financial situation of a financial institution or company in which assets held to meet future liabilities are not aligned in terms of maturity time.
• Maturity mismatch occurs when a business mismatches its balance sheet by having more short term liabilities than it has short term assets, as well as possessing more assets than it has liabilities for medium and long term obligations.

4. Obfuscation
• The action of making something obscure, unclear, or unintelligible.
Usage: When confronted with sharp questions they resort to obfuscation.

5. Anglo-Saxon financial System
• The Anglo-Saxon model or Anglo-Saxon capitalism is a capitalist model that has its origins date to the 18th century in the United Kingdom under the ideas of the classical economist Adam Smith.
• Characteristics of this model include low levels of regulation and taxes and the public sector providing very few services.
• It can also mean strong private property rights, contract enforcement, and overall ease of doing business as well as low barriers to free trade.

6. Awestruck
• Filled with or revealing awe.
Usage: People are awestruck by the pictures sent back to earth by Chandrayaan 2.

7. Walking on eggshells
• Being very careful not to offend someone or do anything wrong.
Usage: When my mother is staying at our house, I feel like I’m walking on eggshells.

8. Insofar
• To the extent that.
Usage: The tool is able to cater to almost any need insofar as graphs are concerned.

9. Squirrel
• Hide money or something of value in a safe place.
Usage: The money was squirrelled away in foreign bank accounts.
• Move in an inquisitive and restless manner.
Usage: They were squirrelling around in the woods in search of something.

10. Baser
• Without moral principles.
Usage: The electorate’s baser instincts of greed and selfishness.

11. Austerity
• Sternness or severity of manner or attitude.
Usage: He was noted for his austerity and his authoritarianism.
• Difficult economic conditions created by government measures to reduce public expenditure.
Usage: The country was subjected to acute economic austerity.

12. Incarcerate
• Imprison or confine.
Usage: Many are incarcerated for property offences.

13. Ravaged
• Severely damaged or devastated.
Usage: He hopes to visit his ravaged homeland.

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