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Daily Vocabulary Words: List of Daily Used Words
Hi there. Welcome to this special section @Wordpandit.
Our endeavour here is straightforward: highlighting important daily vocabulary words, you would encounter in The Hindu. This is your repository of commonly used words; essentially, we are posting a list of daily used words. Hence, this has significant practical application as it teaches you words that are commonly used in a leading publication such as The Hindu.
Visit the website daily to learn words from The Hindu.

Word-1: Rapprochement
Meaning: An establishment or resumption of harmonious relations.
Synonyms: Reconciliation, reunion, detente, harmony, conciliation, amity, understanding, agreement, peace, accord.
Usage Examples:
1. The two nations’ rapprochement was viewed as a positive step toward global peace.
2. The CEO is seeking a rapprochement with the company’s disgruntled employees.
3. The rapprochement between the previously hostile families was initiated through a mutual friend.

Word-2: Nonchalant
Meaning: Appearing casually calm and relaxed; not displaying anxiety, interest, or enthusiasm.
Synonyms: Indifferent, unconcerned, casual, cool, calm, collected, laid-back, blasé, insouciant, unperturbed.
Usage Examples:
1. Despite the intense pressure, the tennis player seemed nonchalant about the upcoming match.
2. He gave a nonchalant shrug when asked about his exam results.
3. Her nonchalant attitude towards work concerned her colleagues.

Word-3: Assiduously
Meaning: With great care and perseverance.
Synonyms: Diligently, industriously, persistently, tirelessly, carefully, meticulously, painstakingly, attentively, conscientiously, studiously.
Usage Examples:
1. She assiduously prepared for the exam, studying late into the night.
2. He assiduously pursued his goal of becoming a professional musician.
3. They assiduously maintained their garden, resulting in a beautiful array of flowers each year.

Word-4: Millennium
Meaning: A period of a thousand years, especially when calculated from the traditional date of the birth of Christ.
Synonyms: Age, era, epoch, period, span, eon, thousand years, long period, cycle, aeon.
Usage Examples:
1. The ancient structures have been standing for over a millennium.
2. The turn of the millennium was a momentous event for many people.
3. Archaeologists discovered artifacts dating back to the first millennium.

Word-5: Prefectural
Meaning: Of or relating to a prefecture (administrative jurisdiction or subdivision in certain countries).
Synonyms: Provincial, regional, local, district, administrative, territorial, county, municipal, divisional, borough.
Usage Examples:
1. The prefectural governor has been very proactive in implementing environmental reforms.
2. The prefectural office is situated in the heart of the city.
3. Each prefectural division has its own unique cultural traditions.

Word-6: Scepticism
Meaning: A skeptical attitude; doubt as to the truth of something.
Synonyms: Doubt, uncertainty, cynicism, disbelief, mistrust, incredulity, suspicion, doubtfulness, questioning, dubiety.
Usage Examples:
1. His wild claims were met with scepticism from the audience.
2. The scientist faced scepticism from peers when she first proposed her groundbreaking theory.
3. His scepticism prevented him from investing in the new business venture.

Word-7: Hyphenate
Meaning: To connect or separate (words or syllables) with a hyphen.
Synonyms: Connect, link, join, combine, unite, concatenate, couple, merge, affiliate, associate.
Usage Examples:
1. When you use a compound adjective before a noun, you should usually hyphenate it.
2. In English, we often hyphenate certain words to avoid confusion.
3. “Mother-in-law” is an example of a hyphenated term.

Word-8: Provocation
Meaning: Action or speech that makes someone angry, especially deliberately.
Synonyms: Incitement, encouragement, stimulation, instigation, prompt, goading, taunting, incensing, agitation, incentive.
Usage Examples:
1. His harsh criticism served as a provocation, sparking a heated debate.
2. Despite the provocation, she remained calm and composed.
3. He was known for his provocative statements and loved to stir controversy.

Word-9: Testimony
Meaning: A formal written or spoken statement, especially one given in a court of law.
Synonyms: Evidence, affidavit, statement, declaration, attestation, confirmation, verification, proof, corroboration, assertion.
Usage Examples:
1. His testimony was crucial in the court case against the corrupt official.
2. The survivors’ testimonies shed light on the harsh realities of war.
3. According to her testimony, she was not at the scene of the crime at the time of the incident.

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