Daily Vocabulary from ‘The Hindu’: August 7, 2023

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Daily Vocabulary Words: List of Daily Used Words
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Our endeavour here is straightforward: highlighting important daily vocabulary words, you would encounter in The Hindu. This is your repository of commonly used words; essentially, we are posting a list of daily used words. Hence, this has significant practical application as it teaches you words that are commonly used in a leading publication such as The Hindu.
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Word-1: Amplifies
Meaning: To increase in size, volume, quantity, or scope; to make larger or louder.
Synonyms: Magnifies, Intensifies, Augments, Boosts, Enhances, Expands, Escalates.
Usage Examples:
1. The microphone amplifies her voice so everyone in the hall can hear her.
2. The media often amplifies controversial topics to garner more views.
3. Using a magnifying glass amplifies the size of small objects.
4. The training amplifies their skills for the upcoming competition.

Word-2: Reconciliation
Meaning: The act of restoring friendly relations after disagreement or estrangement.
Synonyms: Mending, Restoration, Harmonizing, Rapprochement, Accord, Resolution, Agreement.
Usage Examples:
1. The two nations sought reconciliation after years of hostility.
2. The couple went to therapy hoping for reconciliation.
3. Religious beliefs often emphasize the importance of reconciliation with one’s adversaries.
4. Personal growth often involves reconciliation with one’s past.

Word-3: Fratricidal
Meaning: Related to the act of killing one’s brother or sister; destructive to one’s own group.
Synonyms: Deadly, Lethal, Brother-killing, Destructive, Murderous, Self-destructive, Internecine.
Usage Examples:
1. The civil war was a fratricidal conflict tearing the nation apart.
2. The siblings’ rivalry reached a fratricidal intensity.
3. Historical tales often warn against fratricidal tendencies within a kingdom.
4. The company’s internal disputes became so fratricidal that it led to its eventual collapse.

Word-4: Insurgents
Meaning: Individuals who rise in revolt against an established authority, especially a government.
Synonyms: Rebels, Revolutionaries, Dissidents, Mutineers, Guerillas, Uprisers, Anarchists.
Usage Examples:
1. The insurgents planned a coordinated attack against the regime.
2. The city was taken over by a group of armed insurgents.
3. The government is taking measures to dialogue with the insurgents.
4. Insurgents often resort to guerrilla tactics to challenge larger armies.

Word-5: Horrific
Meaning: Causing extreme horror or disgust.
Synonyms: Frightening, Terrifying, Ghastly, Gruesome, Macabre, Horrendous, Grisly.
Usage Examples:
1. The scene of the accident was truly horrific.
2. Horror movies are known for their horrific imagery.
3. The consequences of the war were more horrific than anyone could have predicted.
4. The eyewitness gave a horrific account of the event.

Word-6: Promptitude
Meaning: The quality of acting quickly or without delay.
Synonyms: Swiftness, Speediness, Alacrity, Quickness, Expediency, Briskness, Rapidity.
Usage Examples:
1. Her promptitude in responding to the emergency saved many lives.
2. The manager appreciated his team’s promptitude in addressing client concerns.
3. With promptitude, the fire department was able to contain the blaze.
4. His promptitude in making decisions often set him apart from his peers.

Word-7: Veneration
Meaning: Great respect or reverence inspired by the dignity, wisdom, or dedication of someone or something.
Synonyms: Reverence, Adoration, Worship, Esteem, Respect, Admiration, Homage.
Usage Examples:
1. The veneration shown to elders in many cultures is truly heartwarming.
2. The artifact was held in veneration by the entire community.
3. His selfless service earned him the veneration of everyone in the village.
4. Sacred sites are often places of deep veneration and spiritual significance.

Word-8: Heterodox
Meaning: Not in agreement with accepted beliefs, especially in religious doctrine; holding unorthodox opinions.
Synonyms: Unconventional, Nonconformist, Heretical, Untraditional, Dissident, Maverick, Deviant.
Usage Examples:
1. His heterodox views often stirred controversy in the religious community.
2. The writer’s heterodox approach to storytelling fascinated many readers.
3. In a conservative society, her heterodox beliefs made her an outlier.
4. Many innovations come from people with heterodox perspectives.

Word-9: Antagonisms
Meaning: Active hostility or opposition between unfriendly groups or people.
Synonyms: Hostility, Animosity, Enmity, Opposition, Rivalry, Conflict, Feud.
Usage Examples:
1. The longstanding antagonisms between the two families were well-known in the town.
2. The debate stoked antagonisms that had been dormant for years.
3. It’s essential for diplomats to resolve antagonisms before they escalate to conflict.
4. The antagonisms between the two political parties were evident in their policies.

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