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1. Minoritarianism
• Minoritarianism is a neologism for a political structure or process in which a minority segment of a population has a certain degree of primacy in that entity’s decision making.
• Minoritarianism may be contrasted with Majoritarianism, but with legislative power being held or controlled by a minority group rather than the majority.
Usage: Minoritarianism is sometimes used to describe rule by a dominant minority such as an ethnic group delineated by religion, language or some other identifying factor. Historical examples included Rhodesia (now called Zimbabwe) under Ian Smith and South Africa under apartheid rule.

2. Collegium system
• Collegium system of Supreme Court and High Courts of India, based on the precedence established by the “Three Judges Cases”, is a legally valid system of appointment and transfer of judges in the Supreme Court of India and all High Courts of India.
Usage: The collegium system has come under a fair amount of criticism.

3. Chastise
• Rebuke or reprimand severely.
Usage: He chastised his colleagues for their laziness.

5. Irksome
• Irritating; annoying.
Usage: Controlling anger and frustration keeps our professional and private lives on track—and prevents irksome situations from escalating.

6. Suffragette
• A person who campaigned for the right of women to vote.
• A suffragette was a member of militant women’s organisations in the early 20th century who, under the banner “Votes for Women”, fought for the right to vote in public elections, known as women’s suffrage.

7. Conspicuous
• a) Clearly visible.
Usage: He was very thin, with a conspicuous Adam’s apple.
• b) Attracting notice or attention.
Usage: He showed conspicuous bravery.

8. Bewildering
• Confusing or perplexing.
Usage: There is a bewildering array of holidays to choose from.

9. Sanguinary
• Involving or causing much bloodshed.
Usage: They lost heavily in the sanguinary campaigns that followed.

10. Standoff
• A deadlock between two equally matched opponents in a dispute or conflict.
Usage: The 16-day-old standoff was no closer to being resolved.

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