Daily Vocabulary from ‘The Hindu’: February 2, 2024

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Daily Vocabulary Words: List of Daily Used Words
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Our endeavour here is straightforward: highlighting important daily vocabulary words, you would encounter in The Hindu. This is your repository of commonly used words; essentially, we are posting a list of daily used words. Hence, this has significant practical application as it teaches you words that are commonly used in a leading publication such as The Hindu.
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WORD-1: Confinement

CONTEXT: Finally, seeking immediate freedom for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi from her unjustified solitary confinement should be a key element in the calculus of the conclave.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine when you have a special area where you need to stay, and you can’t go out. Maybe it’s a room or a place with limits. Well, that’s like confinement – when you’re kind of stuck in one place for a while.

MEANING: Being stuck in a small space (noun).

PRONUNCIATION: kuhn-fahyn-muhnt

SYNONYMS: Captivity, restriction, enclosure, limitation, imprisonment, custody

1. The cat’s confinement to the pet carrier made it meow loudly.
2. During the rainy weather, the outdoor picnic turned into a confinement inside the house.
3. The astronaut felt a sense of confinement inside the small spaceship.
4. The magician’s trick involved the sudden confinement of a dove in a hat.

WORD-2: Anti-Incumbency

CONTEXT: issues such as corruption and anti-incumbency pose challenges for her.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: When someone has a special job or duty to do, we call it incumbency. It’s like being the person responsible for something important.

MEANING: opposition or hostility towards current holders of political office (noun).

PRONUNCIATION: in-kuhm-buhn-see

SYNONYMS: Obligation, duty, responsibility, charge, task, role, commitment

1. The mayor’s incumbency involves making decisions for the city.
2. The teacher’s incumbency is to help students learn and grow.
3. With the new promotion, Sarah took on the incumbency of managing the team.
4. The president’s incumbency comes with the duty of leading the country.

WORD-3: Ascension

CONTEXT: The book examines these events against the context of Japan’s military ascension.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Ascension is like going up really high, like climbing a tall mountain or riding an elevator to the top floor. It’s about reaching higher places.

MEANING: The act of going up or climbing to a higher position. (noun)

PRONUNCIATION: uh-sen-shuhn

SYNONYMS: Climb, rise, elevation, advancement, promotion, upswing, upsurge

1. The airplane’s ascension into the sky was a breathtaking sight.
2. The athlete’s hard work led to the ascension to the top of the podium.
3. The hot air balloon’s ascension provided a stunning view of the landscape.
4. With each step, the hiker felt a sense of ascension up the mountain.


WORD-4: Concocting

CONTEXT: I was delighted, for instance, to learn about poet W.H. Auden’s brother concocting a cheap tarry substance and conducting an experiment to see whether it would produce smoke profuse enough to obscure Delhi’s South Block from enemy aircraft.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Concocting is like making a special recipe by mixing different ingredients together. It’s about creating something new and exciting.

MEANING: Creating or making something by mixing different things together. (verb)

PRONUNCIATION: kuhn-kok-ting

SYNONYMS: Create, devise, formulate, invent, craft, produce, fabricate

1. The chef enjoyed concocting new dishes in the kitchen.
2. The scientist spent hours concocting a special potion in the lab.
3. The children had fun concocting stories during their playtime.
4. Concocting a plan, the friends decided to surprise their teacher.

WORD-5: Contingent

CONTEXT: There is a hope to reduce subsidy outgo too, which, in the end, would be contingent on the evolution of commodity prices through FY25.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Contingent is like having a group of friends who might join you for a picnic if it’s sunny. It depends on certain conditions, and things may change.

MEANING: Depending on something else; a group of people or things that rely on certain conditions. (adjective/noun)

PRONUNCIATION: kuhn-tin-juhnt

SYNONYMS: Dependent, conditional, reliant, group, team, squad, assembly

1. The picnic plan was contingent on the weather being sunny.
2. The success of the project was contingent on everyone’s hard work.
3. The contingent of students waited for the bus together.
4. Contingent upon good behavior, the teacher allowed extra playtime.


WORD-6: Perseverance

CONTEXT: India has showcased a robust and resilient growth story driven by perseverance, ingenuity, and vision.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Perseverance is like not giving up, even when something is hard. It’s about trying your best and staying strong, like a superhero who keeps going.

MEANING: Continuing to do something even when it’s difficult; not giving up. (noun)

PRONUNCIATION: pur-suh-veer-uhns

SYNONYMS: Persistence, determination, resilience, tenacity, endurance, grit, steadfastness

1. The athlete’s perseverance helped them overcome challenges in the race.
2. With perseverance, the student tackled the tough math problem.
3. The explorer’s perseverance led to the discovery of a hidden treasure.
4. Perseverance is the key to mastering a new skill.


WORD-7: Humongous

CONTEXT: India is the talent basket of the world and has one of the youngest populations globally; we have a humongous opportunity to unlock the potential of the country’s young workforce.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Humongous means something really, really big – like a giant dinosaur or an enormous cake that can feed a whole town. It’s when things are super, super large.

MEANING: Extremely large or enormous. (adjective)

PRONUNCIATION: hyoo-mon-guh s

SYNONYMS: Gigantic, colossal, mammoth, massive, immense, jumbo, enormous

1. The humongous elephant amazed everyone at the zoo.
2. The chef baked a humongous cake for the celebration.
3. The construction of the skyscraper resulted in a humongous building.
4. The humongous pumpkin won the first prize at the fair.


WORD-8: Tremendously

CONTEXT: our country’s population is massive and tremendously diverse – which gives us access to some of the richest datasets for AI and innovation.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Tremendously means doing something really, really well or a lot – like coloring a picture so beautifully or helping your friend tremendously by giving them lots of support.

MEANING: To a very great extent or degree; doing something really well or a lot. (adverb)

PRONUNCIATION: truh-men-duh s-lee

SYNONYMS: Greatly, immensely, enormously, vastly, extremely, hugely, exceedingly

1. She improved tremendously in her swimming skills after practice.
2. The team’s effort contributed tremendously to their victory.
3. With a tremendously colorful palette, the artist painted a vibrant picture.
4. The student’s grades improved tremendously with extra study sessions.


WORD-9: Trebled

CONTEXT: The government’s capex has nearly trebled in the last four years.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine having three of your favorite toys instead of one – that’s like when something trebles. It means it becomes three times more!

MEANING: To become three times as much or three times as many. (verb)


SYNONYMS: Tripled, multiplied by three, tripling, tripartite, threefold, thrice

1. The population of the town trebled after the new housing development.
2. His savings trebled when he invested wisely in the stock market.
3. The recipe called for trebled ingredients to make a large batch.
4. The team’s score trebled after a series of successful plays.

WORD-10: Upheavals

CONTEXT: The Modi government needs to be commended for the fact that despite significant economic upheavals since the pandemic, it has managed to steer a tight ship, remain fiscally prudent and keep fiscal deficit in check in the face of stiff crude oil prices.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Upheavals are like big changes or shifts – like when a whole bunch of toys are suddenly moved around in your playroom. It’s a bit like things getting excitingly mixed up!

MEANING: Sudden and big changes or disruptions, often causing excitement or chaos. (noun)

PRONUNCIATION: uhp-hee-vuhl

SYNONYMS: Disruptions, changes, disturbances, commotion, turbulence, turmoil, tumult

1. The political upheavals in the country led to new leadership.
2. The earthquake caused upheavals in the landscape, altering it dramatically.
3. The announcement of a surprise test created upheavals in the classroom.
4. The unexpected news brought emotional upheavals to the family.



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