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Daily Vocabulary Words: List of Daily Used Words
Hi there. Welcome to this special section @ Wordpandit.
Our endeavour here is straightforward: highlighting important daily vocabulary words, you would encounter in The Hindu. This is your repository of commonly used words; essentially, we are posting a list of daily used words. Hence, this has significant practical application as it teaches you words that are commonly used in a leading publication such as The Hindu.
Visit the website daily to learn words from The Hindu.

Word-1: Audacious
Meaning: Shows willingness to take risks or offend people.
Synonyms: Adventurous, bold, brash, courageous, foolhardy, resolute, risky, aweless, brassy, brave, cheeky, daredevil, dauntless, enterprising, fearless, etc.
Usage Examples:
1. His plan was audacious and could have come only from a man combining cunning with iron determination.
2. Clara herself had never been audacious enough to say that.
3. Insolent or audacious in address; coolly impudent or presuming.

Word-2: Astonishing
Meaning: Astounding, staggering, stupefying, amazing, or incredible.
Synonyms: Amazing, astounding, bewildering, breathtaking, extraordinary, impressive, marvelous, miraculous, spectacular, staggering, etc.
Usage Examples:
1. He showed an astonishing breadth of learning for one so young.
2. It seems astonishing that Bond got away with so much jiggery-pokery for as long as he did.
3. There were an astonishing number of applicants for the job.

Word-3: Proliferate
Meaning: A rapid multiplication of parts or the increase in the number of something.
Synonyms: Breed, burgeon, escalate, generate, multiply, mushroom, propagate, reproduce, etc.
Usage Examples:
1. In Gravity’s Rainbow, conspiracies proliferate so much that they beggar description.
2. In leukaemia, however, these lymphocytes proliferate abnormally.
3. Corruption, economic mismanagement, repression and instability will proliferate.

Word-4: Breakthrough
Meaning: An important discovery or event that helps improve a situation or answer a problem.
Synonyms: Boost, development, discovery, finding, gain, hike, improvement, leap, progress, etc.
Usage Examples:
1. This may have been an improvement, but “breakthrough” was an overstatement.
2. This drug has been heralded as a breakthrough in the fight against breast cancer.
3. Scientists have made a breakthrough in their fight against AIDS.

Word-5: Edifice
Meaning: Building a structure such as a house, school, or factory with a roof and four walls.
Synonyms: Monument, skyscraper, building, construction, erection, habitation, etc.
Usage Examples:
1. The primary edifice, Mandeville Center, is about as inviting as a concrete bunker.
2. Even in ruin, the Colosseum is a magnificent edifice of great structural interest and aesthetic splendour.
3. Because, after all, you built this edifice to be accepted by the world.

Word-6: Cognitive
Meaning: Relating to the mental process of knowing, learning, and understanding things.
Synonyms: Appercipient, cognizable, cognoscible, comprehensible, corporeal, discernible, intelligible, knowing, observant, palpable, patent, etc.
Usage Examples:
1. Associative priming is a well-known phenomenon in cognitive psychology.
2. Educational practice in this country has acknowledged the cognitive side of learning but has often neglected the affective side.
3. Action is one of several interacting determinants of cognitive development.

Word-7: Stereotype
Meaning: A fixed general image or set of characteristics that many people believe represents.
Synonyms: Pattern, average, boilerplate, convention, custom, fashion, formula, institution, mold, received idea, etc.
Usage Examples:
1. The stereotype of toughness also flourishes at the grassroots in party circles.
2. Teachers often stereotype kids who speak with strong regional accents.
3. The cultural stereotype of cattle stealing as an exciting, adventurous activity may also have contributed to its acceptance.

Word-8: Provoke
Meaning: To cause the occurrence of (a feeling or action) to make (something) happen.
Synonyms: Aggravate, anger, enrage, foment, incite, inflame, infuriate, irk, irritate, offend, raise, abet, abrade, affront, annoy, bother, bug, chafe, exasperate, exercise, etc.
Usage Examples:
1. She hopes her editorial will provoke readers into thinking seriously about the issue.
2. Premature moves in this respect might well provoke a reaction against the reform.
3. A well-constructed troll will provoke irate or confused responses from flamers and newbies.

Word-9: Menace
Meaning: Menacing is threatening or suggestive of coming danger.
Synonyms: Hazard, peril, plague, risk, threat, annoyance, caution, commination, etc.
Usage Examples:
1. The European states retained a latent capability to menace Britain’s security.
2. There was a sense of menace as the sky grew darker.
3. That low beam is a menace! I keep hitting my head on it.

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