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Daily Vocabulary Words: List of Daily Used Words
Hi there. Welcome to this special section @ Wordpandit.
Our endeavour here is straightforward: highlighting important daily vocabulary words, you would encounter in The Hindu. This is your repository of commonly used words; essentially, we are posting a list of daily used words. Hence, this has significant practical application as it teaches you words that are commonly used in a leading publication such as The Hindu.
Visit the website daily to learn words from The Hindu.

Word-1: Anatomy
Meaning: The scientific study of the structure of animals or plants or a particular type of animal or plant.
Synonyms: Analysis, biology, cytology, diagnosis, dissection, division, etc.
Usage Examples:
1. You could see a part of his anatomy that I’d rather not mention.
2. Elkind’s book is an anatomy of one man’s discussion with his son about life.
3. He works as a demonstrator in anatomy at Wolfson College.

Word-2: Ironic
Meaning: An attempt to be amusing or provocative by saying usually the opposite of what is meant.
Synonyms: Arrogant, caustic, incongruous, mocking, paradoxical, ridiculous, sardonic, satiric, satirical, twisted, etc.
Usage Examples:
1. It was ironic, Ray thought, that his friends were now advancing their opponents’ arguments.
2. People used to call me Mr Popularity at high school, but they were being ironic.
3. The writer takes well-known fairy tales and gives them an ironic twist.

Word-3: Disenfranchise
Meaning: To remove power or opportunities, especially the right to vote, from a person or group.
Synonyms: Coerce, deprive, imprison, incarcerate, oppress, shackle, subjugate, suppress, etc.
Usage Examples:
1. Reform voting procedures that Democrats claimed disenfranchised thousands of black voters last year.
2. South Africa finally extended rights to the disenfranchised black majority.
3. Apart from the domestic danger of a disenfranchised population, there is an external danger also.

Word-4: Robust
Meaning: A having or exhibiting strength or vigorous health.
Synonyms: Booming, hearty, hefty, potent, powerful, prosperous, sturdy, tough, etc.
Usage Examples:
1. The market clearing paradigm is reasonably robust, and the Rational Expectations assumption is here most plausible.
2. Each was thus able to become a robust and self-aware entity, ready to defend its territory and its independence.
3. Shop around for active and robust fish with well-developed fins and good colour.

Word-5: Nuance
Meaning: A slight difference in appearance, meaning, sound, etc.
Synonyms: Distinction, gradation, hint, implication, nicety, refinement, subtlety, dash, etc.
Usage Examples:
1. Europeans prefer complexity and nuance; the Japanese revere minuteness and minimalism.
2. Real Programmers know every nuance of every instruction and use them all in every Real Program.
3. Not ” getting ” deception or nuance; they are straitlaced and humorless.

Word-6: Prevaricate
Meaning: To speak or act falsely or evasively with intent to deceive.
Synonyms: Belie, cavil, con, distort, dodge, equivocate, evade, exaggerate, etc.
Usage Examples:
1. Instead of admitting his guilt, he prevaricates.
2. Lu, some prevaricate a few words hanged the phone.
3. Its leaders cannot prevaricate over diplomacy forever; ditching their anti – Semitic charter would help too.

Word-7: Contentious
Meaning: Implies perverse and irritating fondness for arguing and quarrelling.
Synonyms: Antagonistic, combative, testy, argumentative, belligerent, disagreeable, factious, etc.
Usage Examples:
1. Abortion has always been a contentious subject.
2. Community liaison committees steer clear of contentious issues, and the police usually set the agenda.
3. Whatever the eventual outcome of this contentious issue, it is not likely to be resolved shortly.

Word-8: Philanthropy
Meaning: The giving away of money, esp. in large amounts, to organizations that help people.
Synonyms: Charity, generosity, alms, alms-giving, altruism, assistance, benefaction, beneficence, contribution, etc. Usage Examples:
1. The mission of its business-oriented philanthropy combines community service and international friendship.
2. Wanuskewin is a museum, a school, philanthropy and an archaeological dig.
3. I discovered that his philanthropy was no longer casual now but constant and systematic.

Word-9: Congruence
Meaning: Similar to or in agreement with something so that the two things can exist or be combined without problems.
Synonyms: Accord, accordance, coherence, compliance, conformance, etc.
Usage Examples:
1. Such an ideal state can be titled goal congruence , which refers to a firm striving to achieve a standard set of objectives.
2. Based on the congruence non-repetition and ergodicity of chaos, the method will avoid the local optimal solution and find a satisfactory globe optimal solution.
3. Studied the semiring congruence on a class of generalized regular semiring.

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