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Daily Vocabulary Words: List of Daily Used Words
Hi there. Welcome to this special section @ Wordpandit.
Our endeavour here is straightforward: highlighting important daily vocabulary words, you would encounter in The Hindu. This is your repository of commonly used words; essentially, we are posting a list of daily used words. Hence, this has significant practical application as it teaches you words that are commonly used in a leading publication such as The Hindu.
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WORD1: Opaque

CONTEXT: It has now been possible to get a nearly complete picture of electoral financing, which was once an opaque route.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine trying to see through a wall made of bricks. It’s impossible because the wall is solid and doesn’t let any light pass through. When something is like that wall and you can’t see through it, we call it “opaque.”

MEANING: Not transparent or translucent; not allowing light to pass through (adjective).


SYNONYMS: Cloudy, murky, unclear, dense, nontransparent

1. The windows were covered with an opaque curtain, blocking the sunlight.
2. The water in the pond was so opaque that you couldn’t see the fish swimming.
3. The meaning of the message was opaque, leaving everyone confused.
4. The paint was so thick that it made the glass opaque.

Indictment Picture Vocabulary

WORD2: Indictment

CONTEXT: An indictment of the bank which had initially sought an extension till June 30, 2024, well after the general election, to release the information.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine a list of all the things someone did wrong, written by the police or a judge. This list is called an “indictment.” It’s like a big note saying someone broke the rules and might have to go to court because of it.

MEANING: A formal charge or accusation of a serious crime (noun)


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SYNONYMS: Accusation, charge, allegation, prosecution, complaint

1. The grand jury issued an indictment against the suspect for robbery.
2. The indictment listed multiple counts of fraud against the company.
3. His indictment shocked the community, as he was always seen as a lawabiding citizen.
4. The evidence presented in the indictment was compelling.

Encashed Picture Vocabulary

WORD3: Encashed

CONTEXT: It took only a few hours for news organisations to perform a simple datamatching exercise to connect the two sets of information — on the companies that had purchased the bonds and on the parties that had encashed them.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine you have a special piece of paper that says you can get money from the bank. When you take that paper to the bank and get your money, you’ve “encashed” it. It’s like turning the paper into real money.

MEANING: To convert a cheque or other document Into cash; to realize the value
of (verb)


SYNONYMS: Cashed, redeemed, exchanged, converted, realized

1. He encashed the check at the bank and received the money.
2. The traveler encashed their traveler’s checks before leaving for the trip.
3. She quickly encashed the voucher for a discount on her purchase.
4. The winner of the contest can encash the prize money at any time.


WORD4: Propounded

CONTEXT: A cursory look at the data reveals the inefficacy of the argument for the need for opacity of electoral bonds that had been propounded by the Union government, but one soundly rejected by the Court.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine you have a new idea or a question you want everyone to think about. When you talk about it to a group of people and ask for their opinions, you’re “propounding” your idea or question. It’s like sharing your thoughts to get other people thinking too.

MEANING: To put forward or propose (an idea, theory, etc.) for consideration or discussion (verb).


SYNONYMS: Propose, suggest, advance, advocate, submit

1. The professor propounded a new theory about the origins of the universe.
2. She propounded several solutions to the problem during the meeting.
3. The author’s book propounds a unique perspective on historical events.
4. The committee will propound questions for the candidates during the interview.

WORD5: Correlation

CONTEXT: There seems to be a clear correlation between large donations being made to certain political parties and bond purchasers receiving highvalue infrastructure contracts.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine you have two things that always seem to happen together. Like when it’s raining, you also see a rainbow in the sky. This connection or relationship between rain and rainbows is called “correlation.” It’s like saying when one thing happens, the other often happens too.

MEANING: A mutual relationship between two or more things


SYNONYMS: Connection, relationship, association, link, correspondence

1. There’s a strong correlation between exercise and good health.
2. The study found a positive correlation between education level and income.
3. The correlation between crime rates and poverty was discussed in the report.
4. Researchers are investigating the correlation between diet and longevity.


WORD6: Cumulative

CONTEXT: The top 19 firms — based on the cumulative size of donations made — went on to invariably fund the BJP, besides other parties, from mid2019 to February 2024 (22 firms donated ₹100 crore or more in this period)

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine you have a jar where you keep adding marbles every day. Over time, the number of marbles in the jar keeps growing because you’re adding more and more. This growing or increasing effect is called “cumulative.” It’s like saying something is getting bigger because of all the additions.

MEANING: Increasing or growing by accumulation or addition (adjective).

PRONUNCIATION: kyoomyuhluhtiv

SYNONYMS: Increasing, growing, accumulating, additive, accretive

1. The company’s cumulative profits over the years were impressive.
2. The cumulative effect of pollution on the environment is a major concern.
3. Her cumulative knowledge of the subject allowed her to solve complex problems.
4. The cumulative number of participants in the event exceeded expectations.

WORD7: Unscrupulous

CONTEXT: It is clear that the bonds had skewed campaign and party financing heavily in the favour of the ruling party, besides putting a veil over the unscrupulous motivations for the donations.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine someone who doesn’t care about being fair or doing what’s right. They might lie, cheat, or take advantage of others without feeling bad about it. This kind of person is called “unscrupulous.” It’s like saying they don’t have a moral compass guiding their actions.

MEANING: Having or showing no moral principles; not honest or fair


SYNONYMS: Dishonest, unethical, immoral, deceitful, fraudulent

1. The unscrupulous salesman tricked people into buying products they didn’t need.
2. She was warned about the unscrupulous practices of the company she was considering working for.
3. The politician was known for his unscrupulous tactics during elections.
4. The story exposed the unscrupulous behavior of some business executives.


WORD8: Enlighten

CONTEXT: It is now incumbent upon civil society to enlighten the electorate about the scheme and to raise questions about the skewed nature of donations.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine you’re in a dark room and someone turns on a bright light. Suddenly, you can see everything clearly. When someone helps you understand something you didn’t know before, they “enlighten” you. It’s like shedding light on a topic so you can see it better.

MEANING: To give someone greater knowledge or understanding about a subject or situation (verb).


SYNONYMS: Illuminate, educate, inform, clarify, instruct

1. The documentary aimed to enlighten viewers about the effects of climate change.
2. She read books to enlighten herself about different cultures and traditions.
3. The mentor’s role is to enlighten and guide the mentee through challenges.
4. The teacher used examples and stories to enlighten the students about historical events.

Prominence Picture Vocabulary

WORD9: Prominence

CONTEXT: This branch rose to prominence after the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan in August 2021.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine a tall mountain in a landscape. It stands out because it’s so much higher than everything around it. When something or someone stands out and is easily noticed, we say it has “prominence.” It’s like saying it’s important or famous in that context.

MEANING: The state of being important, famous, or noticeable (noun)


SYNONYMS: Importance, eminence, visibility, distinction, preeminence

1. The new building’s design gave it prominence in the city skyline.
2. Her work gained prominence in the art world after winning several awards.
3. The politician’s speech brought prominence to the issue of climate change.
4. The company’s CEO enjoys prominence in the business community.


WORD10: Radicalised

CONTEXT: The ISK has attacked Afghanistan’s Shia minority, and sought to build a network of cells with radicalised youths from Central Asia and Afghanistan’s Tajik and Uzbek minorities, who were angry with the Taliban’s Pashtun regime.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine someone who used to think one way but then changed their beliefs very strongly and quickly. This change might make them do things others find extreme or drastic. When someone goes through this kind of big and sudden change in their beliefs or actions, we say they are “radicalized.”

MEANING: To become or cause someone to become more extreme in opinions, beliefs, or actions, especially in a political or social context (verb).


SYNONYMS: Extremist, fanatic, militant, radical, zealot

1. The group was concerned about individuals being radicalized online.
2. The terrorist organization used propaganda to radicalize young recruits.
3. He was radicalized during his time in prison, adopting extreme ideologies.
4. The documentary explored how people can be radicalized through social media.



Vocabulary Meaning

Title: “Deep Diving into Words: Mastering ‘Vocabulary Meaning'”

In the ocean of language learning, ‘vocabulary meaning’ is akin to the colorful coral reefs that add depth and vibrancy to communication. Yet, infusing our interactions with this vibrancy is often a challenge for many language learners. The crux lies in effectively deciphering and employing the ‘vocabulary meaning’.

Learning ‘vocabulary meaning’ isn’t about merely gluing words to their definitions. It’s about forming a deep understanding and connection with these words that transcends rote learning. To gain a comprehensive grasp of ‘vocabulary meaning’, one needs to navigate beyond textbook definitions and commit to exploiting diversified resources such as novels, films, music, articles, and digital content. This allows one to encounter vocabulary in a variety of contexts and actual usage, giving deeper insight into their meaning.

However, understanding ‘vocabulary meaning’ involves another essential aspect—memory retention. Techniques such as spaced repetition and the Leitner System offer effective methodologies to maintain and consolidate the ‘vocabulary meaning’. Additionally, leveraging mnemonic strategies can help etch words into your memory by linking them with unique stories or imagery that are personal and easily recallable.

Another way of mastering ‘vocabulary meaning’ is by immersing yourself in the language. Engage in regular conversations with native speakers if possible or utilize language exchange platforms to practice your skills. This not only bolsters your understanding of how the vocabulary is used but also helps articulate the ‘vocabulary meaning’ in the societal and cultural contexts.

In conclusion, gaining a robust grasp of ‘vocabulary meaning’ is a journey rather than an end goal. It requires dedication, perseverance and most importantly, a multi-faceted approach that includes diversified resources, effective memory strategies, and real-life application. With these strategies in place, the depths of ‘vocabulary meaning’ are no longer daunting but become an enchanting exploration of language.

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