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1. Emanate
• Give out (breath or an odour); Of a feeling, quality, or sensation issue or spread out from a source.
Usage: Warmth emanated from the fireplace.

2. Dastardly
• Wicked and cruel.
Usage: As any fan of action movies knows, the best way to keep a madman from executing a dastardly plan is to keep him talking.

3. Moribund
• Of a thing in terminal decline or lacking vitality or vigour. Almost dead.
Usage: He is eager to inject life into the moribund economy, which failed to grow this year.

4. Hyphenation
• Hyphenation is the automated process of breaking words between lines to create more consistency across a text block. Connecting syllables and words by hyphens.
Usage: Throughout the document there was inconsistent hyphenation of Japanese words

5. Propitiate
• Win or regain the favour of a God, spirit, or person by doing something that pleases them. Propitiate means to appease someone or make them happy by doing a particular thing.
Usage: The Babylonians would sacrifice oxen to propitiate their sea god.

6. Odious
• Extremely unpleasant or repulsive; hateful.
Usage: In the Lessons Learned interviews, several senior U.S. officials acknowledged that the warlords were odious and corrupt.

7. Quaint
• Attractively unusual or old-fashioned.
Usage: The quaint country village, with its cobbled streets and stone, thatched houses astride serene streams and babbling brooks, is a staple of England.

8. Munificent
• Characterized by or displaying great generosity.
Usage: He was a most munificent benefactor to his cathedral, and bestowed great sums in improving and adorning it.

9. Pillaging
• Pillaging is the indiscriminate taking of goods by force as part of a military or political victory, or during a catastrophe, such as war, natural disaster, or rioting.
Usage: The tribesmen are members of an indigenous forest guard called Guardians of the Forest, which formed in 2012 to ward off logging gangs pillaging their rare, hardwood-rich reserve.

10. Mellifluous
• Of a sound pleasingly smooth and musical to hear.
Usage: Stephen Fry’s mellifluous tones were used for the Harry Potter UK audiobooks, while his own books include three volumes of autobiography.

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