Daily Vocabulary from The Hindu: November 8, 2019

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1. Demonstrative
• Of a person unrestrained in showing feelings, especially those of affection.
Usage: Each winner got a chance to celebrate individually upon completing his or her final word, although some were more demonstrative than others.

2. Nondescript
• Lacking distinctive or interesting features or characteristics.
Usage: She lived in a nondescript suburban apartment block.

3. Rectitude
• Morally correct behaviour or thinking; righteousness.
Usage: She’s stoic and dutiful, with a wide face that suggests a statue of humble rectitude, and the fact that she loves this family as her own is presented without question.

4. Give a leg up
• Contribution or assistance; to help someone to improve their situation
Usage: The mother seemed to think that her name had given her boy a leg up on the competition.

5. Inducement
• A thing that persuades or leads someone to do something.
Usage: Companies were prepared to build only in return for massive inducements.

6. Grisly
• Causing horror or disgust.
Usage: The town was shaken by a series of grisly crimes.

7. Persuasive
• Good at persuading someone to do or believe something through reasoning or the use of temptation.
Usage: The research also found that longer replies are more persuasive than one-liners.

8. Wasting and Stunting
• Wasting means low weight for height, is a strong predictor of mortality among children under five. It is usually the result of acute significant food shortage and/or disease.
• Stunting means low height for age, is caused by long-term insufficient nutrient intake and frequent infections.
Usage: Wasting and stunting are often presented as two separate forms of malnutrition requiring different interventions for prevention and/or treatment.

9. Melee
• A confused fight or scuffle. A noisy free-for-all or rowdy fight
Usage: It quickly devolved from a staid courtroom drama into a raucous, gavel-banging, partisan verbal melee.

10. Brazen
• Endure an embarrassing or difficult situation by behaving with apparent confidence and lack of shame.
Usage: There was nothing to do but brazen it out.

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