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1. Transmogrify
• Transform in a surprising or magical manner.
Usage: His home was transmogrified into a hippy crash pad.

2. Egregious
• Outstandingly bad; shocking.
Usage: Having committed one egregious error, he was not going to be guilty of another.

3. Raze
• Completely destroy a building, town, or other settlement.
Usage: One town was largely destroyed and scores of homes were razed amid catastrophic conditions on the weekend.

4. Saddle
• Burden someone with an onerous responsibility or task.
Usage: He’s saddled with debts of $12 million.

5. Litigation
• The process of taking legal action.
Usage: The company wishes to avoid litigation.

6. Revanchism
• A policy of seeking to retaliate, especially to recover lost territory.
Usage: One indication of the growing security of the Republic in the late 1880s was the decline of revanchism, particularly among French middle-class youth.

7. Execrable
• Extremely bad or unpleasant. If something’s execrable it’s really and truly, unbelievably, absolutely the worst.
Usage: She’s an inveterate world traveller who doesn’t drive, burdened with an execrable sense of direction.

8. On the ebb
• Of an emotion or quality gradually decrease. Not very good.
Usage: My luck is on the ebb.

9. From Dusk Till Dawn
• ‘Dusk’ means the time of the day when the Sun sets down and this is a metaphor to hardships in life.
• ‘Dawn’ is the time of the day when the Sun comes up again. Sunrise is usually a symbolism for new beginnings, hope and prosperity.
Usage: He worked from dawn till dusk.

10. Fiscal stimulus vs Fiscal consolidation
• ‘Fiscal Stimulus’ refers to the policies undertaken by the Government to Stimulate/excite the economy of the Country.
Usage: When the recession hit the government viewed it as imperative to provide a comprehensive fiscal stimulus package to the citizens that also lowered interest rates.

• ‘Fiscal Consolidation’ refers to the policies undertaken by the Government to reduce their deficts (fiscal deficit, budget deficit, primary deficit etc) & accumulation of debt stock.
Usage: India may tread the fiscal consolidation path and show an improvement over the previous financial year as it looks to continue spending while dealing with revenue setbacks due to the implementation of the goods and services tax (GST).

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