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1. Zealot
• A person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their religious, political, or other ideals.

2. Logjam
• A situation that seems irresolvable.
(A logjam is just what it sounds like: a bunch of logs all jammed together, blocking the flow of water in a river or stream.)
Usage: The President can use his power to break the logjam over this issue.

3. Chistianity
• A religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus.
• Most forms of Christianity hold that Jesus is the son of God and is the second person of the Trinity, through whom humans may attain redemption from sin.
Usage: While the language is different, communicating with spirits on the so-called other side is also an accepted practice in Christianity.

4. Usurper
• A usurper is an illegitimate or controversial claimant to power, often but not always in a monarchy.
• A person who takes the power of a country, city, or established region for himself, without any formal or legal right to claim it as his own.
• A usurper is someone who wrongfully takes someone else’s place.
Usage: Some were dissatisfied and stirred up the others against the usurpers.

5. Trenchant
• Vigorous or incisive in expression or style. If you’re trenchant, it means you think or say smart, sharply worded things that cut right to the heart of the matter
Usage: The White Paper makes trenchant criticisms of health authorities.

6. Pliant
• Easily influenced or directed or yielding. Capable of being bent.
Usage: Volvo says the electrified material charges faster than conventional batteries, and is strong and pliant enough to be fully integrated within a vehicle’s structure.

7. Verve
• Vigour and spirit or enthusiasm.
Usage: Mohit Chauhan sings with supreme verve and flexibility.

8. Insular
• Ignorant of or uninterested in cultures, ideas, or peoples outside one’s own experience. Having a narrow view of the world.
Usage: The infusion of internationals is creating a less insular dynamic, and squash is becoming more of an everyman’s game, like tennis.

9. Vanguard
• A group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas.
Usage: He vowed to keep “fighting for working people and ensuring that New York City remains the vanguard of progressivism will continue to be my missions.

10. Dystopian
• Dystopian is the exact opposite — it describes an imaginary society that is as dehumanizing and as unpleasant as possible.
Usage: George Orwell’s Animal Farm describes a dystopian society in which Napoleon, a pig, represents Joseph Stalin in a farmyard satire on Stalinist Russia and how power corrupts.

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