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Daily Vocabulary Words: List of Daily Used Words
Hi there. Welcome to this special section @ Wordpandit.
Our endeavour here is straightforward: highlighting important daily vocabulary words, you would encounter in The Hindu. This is your repository of commonly used words; essentially, we are posting a list of daily used words. Hence, this has significant practical application as it teaches you words that are commonly used in a leading publication such as The Hindu.
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WORD-1: Automata

CONTEXT: The museum showcased ancient automata, intricately designed to mimic human movements, captivating the attention of all visitors.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine a toy robot that moves on its own when you turn it on. “Automata” are like these robots, but they can be simple or really fancy, and they don’t need computers inside to work.

MEANING: Moving mechanical devices made in imitation of a human being (noun).


SYNONYMS: Robots, Androids, Mechanisms, Machines, Devices, Automatons, Contraptions

1. The museum displayed ancient automata that could mimic the songs of birds.
2. Engineers are inspired by historical automata when designing modern robotics.
3. Many kids were fascinated by the dancing automata at the toy store.
4. The craftsmanship of these automata from the 18th century is exceptional.

WORD-2: Elixir

CONTEXT: In search of an elixir for longevity, many have turned to traditional remedies that promise extended life.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: “Elixir” is like a magical drink that can make someone feel better or even give special powers, like in fairy tales!

MEANING: A magical or medicinal potion (noun).


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SYNONYMS: Potion, Tonic, Panacea, Remedy, Medicine, Cure, Drink

1. The old legend spoke of an elixir that granted eternal youth.
2. She claimed that her homemade elixir could cure any ailment.
3. Many adventurers searched for the fabled elixir of life.
4. The herbal elixir had a rejuvenating effect on those who drank it.

WORD-3: Eschatology

CONTEXT: The seminar focused on the eschatology of different cultures, delving into their beliefs about the end of the world and afterlife.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: “Eschatology” is a big word that talks about what people believe happens at the end of the world or after we pass away.

MEANING: The part of theology concerned with death, judgment, and the final destiny of the soul and humankind (noun).


SYNONYMS: Doomsday theories, Endtime beliefs, Apocalypse studies, Final judgment, Last things, Prophecies, Revelations

1. Many religions have their own eschatology that explains the fate of the soul.
2. The professor’s book on eschatology became a bestseller.
3. Ancient prophecies and eschatology have always fascinated historians.
4. Different cultures have diverse eschatological beliefs about the afterlife.

WORD-4: Golems

CONTEXT: The legend of golems, beings crafted from inanimate matter, has deep roots in folklore and has inspired numerous fictional tales.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: A “golem” is like a magical statue made from clay or mud that can come to life, just like in some old stories.

MEANING: In Jewish folklore, a clay figure brought to life by magic (noun).


SYNONYMS: Statues, Automatons, Constructs, Manikins, Effigies, Puppets, Androids

1. The story describes how a rabbi created a golem to protect his village.
2. The ancient golem, once a protector, was now just a statue in the town square.
3. Legends of golems are popular in certain folklores.
4. The golem was said to obey every command of its creator.

WORD-5: Immutable

CONTEXT: Despite the rapidly changing landscape of technology, certain principles remain immutable and hold their ground.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: “Immutable” means something that can’t be changed, like how water will always be wet.

MEANING: Unchanging over time or unable to be changed (adjective).


SYNONYMS: Unchangeable, Fixed, Permanent, Constant, Stable, Steadfast, Unalterable

1. The laws of physics are immutable and apply everywhere in the universe.
2. Her faith in kindness was an immutable trait of her character.
3. The mountain stood tall, immutable against the ravages of time.
4. Some believe that destiny is immutable, while others think it can be changed.


WORD-6: Multipronged

CONTEXT: The government has launched a multipronged approach to combat the rising unemployment rates, targeting education, skill development, and entrepreneurship.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: Imagine a fork with many pointy parts, or prongs. “Multipronged” means having many parts or ways to do something, like how a fork can pick up many peas at once!

MEANING: Having several different parts or aspects directed towards achieving a particular aim (adjective).


SYNONYMS: Multifaceted, Comprehensive, All-encompassing, Multitiered, Broad-based, Integrated, Combined

1. The government’s multipronged approach to healthcare included awareness campaigns and improved hospital facilities.
2. The company’s multipronged marketing strategy was a great success.
3. The team used a multipronged plan to tackle the challenging project.
4. A multipronged solution is often required to address complex issues.


WORD-7: Flourish

CONTEXT: Amidst the concrete jungle, community gardens have begun to flourish, offering a respite from the urban chaos.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: “Flourish” means to grow well and be very healthy, like a plant that gets lots of sun and water.

MEANING: To grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way (verb).


SYNONYMS: Thrive, Prosper, Bloom, Shine, Succeed, Grow, Expand

1. The plants flourished under her care and attention.
2. With the right guidance, her talent began to flourish.
3. Small businesses flourish in a supportive community.
4. The artist’s style truly began to flourish during his years abroad.


WORD-8: Discern

CONTEXT: It is often difficult to discern the truth from rumors, especially in an age where misinformation spreads rapidly.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: “Discern” is like using your eyes or brain to notice something special or different. Like finding Waldo in a big, busy picture.

MEANING: To recognize or understand something not immediately obvious (verb).


SYNONYMS: Detect, Perceive, Recognize, Identify, Distinguish, Observe, Notice

1. She could discern a faint outline in the distance.
2. With experience, he learned to discern genuine offers from scams.
3. The owl’s keen eyes can discern movement even in the dark.
4. It’s difficult to discern the truth when presented with so many versions of the story.


WORD-9 : Amicable

CONTEXT: The two nations resolved their border disputes in an amicable manner, setting an example for peaceful conflict resolution.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: “Amicable” is like when two friends share toys and play nicely together. It means friendly or nice.

MEANING: Characterized by friendliness and goodwill (adjective).


SYNONYMS: Friendly, Cordial, Harmonious, Good-natured, Civil, Warm, Peaceable

1. Even after the argument, they came to an amicable resolution.
2. The two nations maintained an amicable relationship despite past differences.
3. They parted ways on amicable terms, promising to stay friends.
4. It’s always preferable to have an amicable discussion rather than a heated argument.


WORD-10: Enshrining

CONTEXT: The new constitution is set to be groundbreaking, enshrining rights that were previously overlooked or underrepresented.

SOURCE: The Hindu

EXPLANATORY PARAGRAPH: “Enshrining” is like putting something really special in a safe place, like how you’d keep a special toy in a treasure box.

MEANING: To preserve or cherish something as if in a shrine (verb).


SYNONYMS: Preserve, Protect, Safeguard, Consecrate, Sanctify, Memorialize, Commemorate

1. The constitution is important because it enshrines our rights and freedoms.
2. The museum was dedicated to enshrining the memories of the great artist.
3. These customs are enshrined in our culture and passed down through generations.
4. It’s essential to enshrine the principles of democracy for future generations.



Vocabulary Meaning and Examples

Title: “Diving Beyond Definitions: Exploring ‘Vocabulary Meaning and Examples'”

In the fascinating world of language learning, a method particularly impactful is learning ‘vocabulary meaning and examples’. Harnessing this dual approach of understanding words through definitions and relevant examples yields a sound vocabulary grasp. Let’s explore how we can effectively learn vocabulary using ‘meaning and examples’.

Foremost, recognizing ‘meaning and examples’ involves more than just a surface glance at the definition. It requires an engaged interaction with the word, placing it within a proper context. This enriches comprehension and facilitates an innate understanding of the word’s applications.

The process of learning ‘meaning and examples’ is made highly effective through varied resources. Reading literature, online articles, and language learning platforms offer numerous examples enriching the meanings. By frequently encountering a word in various contexts, the understanding of the ‘meaning and examples’ deepens, imprinting the word into long-term memory.

When learning ‘meaning and examples’, creating personal sentences is recommended. Develop your own examples using the given word. This personal connection between learned vocabulary and your everyday life context strengthens both familiarity and recall.

Moreover, taking notes while studying ‘meaning and examples’ goes a long way in mastering vocabulary. Jotting down the definition and a couple of examples for reference leads to better recall during revisions.

Finally, teach to learn. A tried-and-true method to solidify ‘meaning and examples’ is by explaining the word to someone else. This exercise forces you to articulate the word’s usage and understanding clearly, embedding it further in your memory.

In conclusion, the journey to learn ‘vocabulary meaning and examples’ is a rewarding process that involves a multifaceted approach. As you dive into the rich experience of understanding words through ‘meaning and examples’, you uncover the nuance and depth of language, enabling you to master it in its true sense.

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