1. Drumbeater
• One who actively publicizes or advocates something, as a press agent.
Usage: He said that opposition leader made fun of the house by calling honourable members drumbeater.

2. Bipartite
• Involving or made by two separate parties.
Usage: A bipartite agreement.

3. Apogee
• The highest point in the development of something; a climax or culmination.
Usage: A film which was the apogee of Bollywood cinema.

4. Baker’s dozen
• A group or set of thirteen.
Usage: A baker’s dozen of love songs.

5. Plaint
• Easily influenced or directed or yielding.
Usage: A more pliant prime minister.
Synonyms: compliant, biddable, docile, and tractable

6. Pavlovian Response
• A method to cause a reflex response or behavior by training with repetitive action.
• The Russian physiologist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov conditioned dogs to respond in what proved to be a predictable manner.

7. Aurally challenged
• Deaf or hard of hearing.
Usage: I had to repeat the instructions for her five times; methinks the old lady was aurally challenged.

8. Valiance
• Great courage or determination.
Usage: He is expected to demonstrate great courage and valiance in battles.

9. Aberration
• A departure from what is normal, usual, or expected, typically an unwelcome one.
Usage: They described the outbreak of violence in the area as an aberration.
Synonyms: anomaly, deviation, divergence, abnormality, irregularity.
• In Biology, Aberration means a characteristic that deviates from the normal type.
Usage: Colour aberrations.

10. Inimical
• Tending to obstruct or harm.
• Unfriendly or hostile.
Usage: The policy was inimical to Britain’s real interests.

11. Stratagem
• A plan or scheme, especially one used to outwit an opponent or achieve an end.
Usage: A series of devious stratagems.

12. Sartorial
• Relating to tailoring, clothes, or style of dress.
Usage: Sartorial elegance.

13. Wellspring
• An abundant source of something.
Usage: A wellspring of ideas.

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