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Data interpretation topics: Data interpretation topics that are important to study for the exams

In order to score well in an exam, you need to be well versed with the syllabus. To help you begin with this, here is a list of Data interpretation topics that you need to focus on:
• Bar diagrams & Charts including Simple, Stacked, Composite Bar charts
• Pie charts
• Data charts
• Data tables
• Graphs [Line X-Y Graphs]
• Data analysis and Data comparison among others
• Caselet based Data
Prepare for these data interpretation topics and cover all the sub-topics. You will be able to fare fairly well by practising these Data Interpretation sets as they extensively cover the essential data interpretation topics and help gain clarity in them.

Directions: The following questions are based on the pie-chart given below. Study the pie-chart and answer the questions.

Bank PO , SSC, Data Interpretation Pie Chart set 2

Question 1: The central angle for the sector on “Paper-Cost” is
(a) 22½°
(b) 16°
(c) 54.8°
(d) 36°

Question : If the ‘Printing-cost’ is Rs. 17500, the royalty paid is
(a) Rs.8750
(b) Rs.7500
(c) Rs.3150
(d) Rs.6300

Question 3: If the “miscellaneous expenses” are Rs.6000, how much more are ‘binding and cutting charges” then ‘Royalty?
(a) Rs.6000
(b) Rs.5500
(c) Rs.4500
(d) Rs.10500

Question 4: The central angle corresponding to the sector on “Printing Cost” is more than that of “Advertisement Charges” by:
(a) 72°
(b) 61.2°
(c) 60°
(d) 54.8°

Question 5: The “Paper Cost” is approximately what per cent of “Printing cost”?
(a) 20.3%
(b) 28.5%
(c) 30%
(d) 32.5%

Answers and Explanations

Answer 1: d

Paper cost constitutes 10% of the total cost.

The central angle of the whole circle is of 360° and it represent 100% cost.

So paper cost = (360/100) × 10 = 36°

Hence, the correct answer is option d.

Answer 2: b

The printing cost is 35% of the total cost and it is given that the printing cost is Rs 17500.

Hence, 35% of the total cost is Rs 17500.

⇒ Total cost = (17500/35) × 100 = Rs. 50000

Now, the royalty costs 15% of the total cost.

Hence, Royalty = Total cost = (15/100) × 50000 = Rs. 7500

Hence, the answer is option b.

Answer 3: c

Miscellaneous expenses are 4% of the total cost and it is given that the miscellaneous expenses is Rs 6000.

Hence, 4% of the total cost is Rs 6000

⇒ Total cost = (6000/4) × 100 = Rs. 150000

In terms of percentage, the binding and cutting charges are 3% more than royalty.

Hence, the difference between binding and cutting charges and royalty

= (3/100) × 150000 = Rs. 4500

Hence, the correct answer is option c.

Answer 4: b

In terms of percentage share, the Printing cost is 17% more than the Advertisement charges.The central angle of the whole circle is of 3600 and it represent 100% cost.

So, the required difference = (360/100) × 17 = 61.2°

Hence, the correct answer is option b.

Answer 5: b

The data is given as a pie chart. So to calculate the required percentage, we do not need the actual amount spent as it will be cancelled out in the final calculations.

The paper cost is 10% and printing cost is 35% of the total cost.

Hence, the required percentage = (10/35) × 100 = 28.5%

Thus, the correct option is (b).

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Extra tips for data interpretation topics:
• Carefully check the pie chart question if the numerical value of the quantity is given/asked or the degree of the quantity is given/asked.
• Do not waste time in removing exact values, round-off the values wherever possible.
• Cover all the data interpretation topics to be able to fairly attempt questions in the exams.

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