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Data interpretation questions and answers: Data interpretation questions and answers that you should solve to help you perform well in DI section

To ensure that your preparation for the exam is complete, solve Data interpretation questions and answers as this will help you tap your progress in the course of preparation of Data Interpretation. Brushing up the theory and scanning through solved examples would not help you validate whether your grip on the subject is strong. In addition to theory and solved examples, it is highly important to lay your hands on data interpretation questions and answers. The Data Interpretation sets provided here make it a point to give you solid practice for the section.

Directions: The pie chart drawn below shows the expenses of a family on various items and its savings during the year 2001. Study the graph and answer the questions.

Bank PO , SSC, Data Interpretation Pie Chart set 3


Question 1: The maximum expenditure of the family was on

(a) Food
(b) Housing
(c) Education of children
(d) Other items

Question 2: The total savings of the family for the year were equal to the expenditure on
(a) Food
(b) Clothing
(c) Housing
(d) Other items including transport

Question 3: What percent of the income was spent on transport and other items together?
(a) 25%
(b) 20%
(c) 30%
(d) 32%

Question 4: If the total income of the family was Rs.100000, how much money was spent on the education of the children?
(a) Rs.10000
(b) Rs.12000
(c) Rs.15000
(d) Rs.23000

Question 5: If the total income for the year was Rs.100000, the difference of the expenses (in rupees) between housing and transport was
(a) 15000
(b) 12000
(c) 7000
(d) 10000

Answers and Explanations

Answer 1: a

The sector which has the maximum percentage share in the pie chart has maximum amount spent.

According to the graph, the maximum amount was spent on food which was 23% of the total expenditure.

Hence, the correct answer is option a.

Answer 2: c

The total saving of the family is 15% of total expenditure which same as the expenditure on housing.

Hence, the correct answer is option c.

Answer 3: a

We can check from the pie chart that the sum of the percentages of the sectors of transport and other items together is 25% of the total expenditure.

Hence, 25% of the total income was spent on transport and other items together.

Hence, the correct answer is option a.

Answer 4: b The education expense constitutes 12% of the total expenditure.

Hence, expenditure on education = (12/100) × 100000 = Rs. 12000

Hence, the correct answer is option b.

Answer 5: d The difference in the percentage values of the housing and transport costs is 15% – 5% = 10%

Hence, the required difference = (10/100) × 100000 = Rs. 10000

Hence, the correct answer is option d.

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Extra tips for data interpretation questions and answers:
• Double check your calculations side by side as coming across an error later in the solution would cause loss of time.
• Do not miss out or add a zero. It would result in a completely wrong answer.
• Solve multiple data interpretation questions and answers to practice all the essential concepts.

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