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Directions: Circle graph given below shows the expenditure incurred in bringing out a book by a publisher. Study the graph and answer the question.

Bank PO , SSC, CDS, Data Interpretation Set - 32

Question 1: The central angle of the sector for the cost of the paper is:
(a) 22.5°
(b) 16°
(c) 54.8°
(d) 57.6°

Question 2: Royalty on the book is less than the Advertisement charges by:
(a) 3%
(b) 25%
(c) 20%
(d) 16.66%

Question 3: If 5500 copies are published, miscellaneous expenditures amounts to Rs.1848 and publisher’s profit is 25%, then marked price of each copy is
(a) Rs.12.50
(b) Rs.10.50
(c) Rs.10
(d) Rs.8.40

Question 4: If the cost of printing is Rs.17500, the Royalty is:
(a) Rs.8750
(b) Rs.6300
(c) Rs.7500
(d) Rs.3150

Question 5: It the Miscellaneous charges is Rs.6000, the Advertisement charges are:
(a) Rs.27000
(b) Rs.90000
(c) Rs.12000
(d) Rs.1333.33

Answers and Explanations

Bank PO , SSC, CDS, Data Interpretation Set - 32

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