Data Interpretation (Level-1): Set-6

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Directions: The pie-chart, given here, shows the land distribution of a village. Study the pie-chart and answer the questions based on it.

Question 1: The ratio of the waste land to the cultivated land is:
(a) 4: 3
(b) 3: 2
(c) 2: 1
(d) 3: 1

Question 2: What percent of total land is used for cultivations?
(a) 24%
(b) 25%
(c) 50%
(d) 90%

Question 3: If the total areas of the village is 7200 acres, the total area of the wet land is
(a) 1028 acres
(b) 5040 acres
(c) 3600 acres
(d) 1400 acres

Question 4: The land used for roads is what percent of the inhabited land?

(a) 662/3

(b) 48

(c) 331/3

(d) 30

Answers and Explanations

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