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Directions: A survey of film watching habits of people living in five cities P, Q, R, S and T is summarised below in a table. The column I in the table gives percentage of film-watchers in each city who see only one film a week. The column II gives the total number of film-watchers who see two or more films per week.


Question 1: How many film-watchers in city R see only one film in a week ?
(1) 24850
(2) 36000
(3) 136000
(4) 160000

Question 2: Which city has the highest number of film watchers who see only one film in a week?
(1) P
(2) R
(3) S
(4) T

Question 3: A city with the lowest number of film-watchers is :
(1) P
(2) Q
(3) R
(4) S

Question 4: The highest number of film-watchers in any given city is :
(1) Q
(2) R
(3) S
(4) T

Question 5:The total number of all film-watch¬ers in the five cities who see only one film in a week is
(1) 113000
(2) 425200
(3) 452500
(4) 500000

Answers and Explanations

Bank PO , SSC, CDS, Data Interpretation Tables set 7

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