Data Interpretation (Level-2): Set-15

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Direction for the question:
Study the given graphs to answer these questions.
The total production is 50 lakh tonnes.

Question 1: What is the difference between the production by scientific method and conventional method in Indonesia?
(a) 2.3 lakh tonnes
(b) 2.8 lakh tonnes
(c) 2.5 lakh tonnes
(d) 3 lakh tonnes

Question 2: What is the average production of wheat by scientific method for all the countries?
(a) 3.1 lakh tonnes
(b) 4.24 lakh tonnes
(c) 2.6 lakh tonnes
(d) 3.07 lakh tonnes

Question 3: What is the ratio of production by conventional method in Pakistan to that by scientific method in Japan?
(a) 9/40
(b) 99/260
(c) 51/260
(d) 48/77

Question 4: The production of wheat in Sri Lanka by conventional method is approximately how many times the production in India by scientific method?
(a) 1.2
(b) 1.5
(c) 0.9
(d) None of these

Answers and Explanations

Common Solution: We have tabulated the values in the given question and we arrive at the following table:

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