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Directions: There are seven different types of tyres manufactured by a factory. The pie charts show the percentage of sales of the tyres in a city in two consecutive months of September and October. The total number of type B tyres sold in September and October were 1560 and 2250 respectively.


Question 1: What is the maximum difference between the number of tyres of any two types sold taken together for September and that of other two types sold for October?
(a) 3390
(b) 5430
(c) 4523
(d) 4230

Question 2: For how many types of tyres, there is an absolute decrease in the number sold in October over September?
(a) 0
(b) 1
(c) 2
(d) 3

Question 3: The total sales of which of the following pairs of types of tyres in September was approximately equal to F type of tyres in October?
(a) A & C
(b) C & E
(c) B & D
(d) A & B

Question 4: What is the difference in total sales between September and October in respect to only those types where there was an increase in sale?
(a) 6520
(b) 3540
(c) 4530
(d) None of these

Question 5: The number of tyres of type D and E sold in September is approximately what percent of the number of tyres sold for these types in October?
(a) 85%
(b) 67%
(c) 145%
(d) 112%

Answers and Explanations

Common Solution for the questions:

From the given information, we can make the following table:


Answer 1: (b)

To find the maximum difference let us take the minimum values from September and the maximum values from October.

From September = 960+360 = 1320.

From October = 3750 +3000 = 6750.

The difference = 6750-1320 = 5430.

The correct option is (b)

Answer 2: (b)

There is only one absolute decrease i.e. for E.

The correct option is (b)

Answer 3: (d)

Sale of F type tyres in October = 1950.

In September

Sale of A and C = 360 + 2640 = 3000

Sale of C and E= 2640 + 2040 = 4680

Sale of B and D= 1560 + 3000 = 4560

Sale of A and B=360 + 1560 = 1920

The correct option is (d)

Answer 4: (b)

For E, there is a decrease in sales and for D, the sales for the two years are equal.

The total sale of all tyres except D and E in September = 12000 – 3000 – 2040 = 6960

The total sale of all tyres except D and E in October = 15000 – 3000 – 1500 = 10500

The required difference = 10500 – 6960 = 3540.

The correct option is (b)

Answer 5: (d)

Number of tyres of type D and E sold in September = 3000 + 2040 = 5040

Number of tyres of type D and E sold in October = 3000 + 1500 = 4500

Hence the required percentage = {(5040/4500)} x 100 = 112%

The only correct answer possible is (d)

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