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Directions for the question 1 to 5
Answer the questions based on the following information, which gives data about certain coffee producers in India.

Question 1. What is the maximum production capacity (in ‘000 tonne) of Brooke Bond for coffee?
a. 2.53
b. 2.85
c. 2.24
d. 2.07

Question 2. Which company out of the four companies mentioned above has the maximum unutilized capacity (in ‘000 tonne)?
a. Lipton
b. Nestle
c. Brooke Bond
d. MAC

Question 3. What is the approximate total production capacity (in ‘000 tonne) for coffee in India?
a. 18
b. 20
c. 18.7
d. Data insufficient

Question 4. The highest price for coffee per kilogram is for
a. Nestle
b. MAC
c. Lipton
d. Data insufficient

Question 5. What percent of the total market share (by sales value) is controlled by ‘others’?
a. 60%
b. 32%
c. 67%
d. insufficient data

Answers and Explanations

Answer 1. (a)

Brooke Bond production is 1.64 (in ‘000 tonnes) which corresponds to 64.8% capacity.

Maximum capacity will be 100%.

For 100% it will be =  (100/64.8) x 1.64 = 2.53 approx. in 000 tonnes

Answer 2. (d)

This can be represented in the following manner.

Hence, we find that the maxiimum unutilized capacity is for MAC, viz. 1,050 tones.

Answer 3. (c)

From the given data we know

Total production =61.3 % with utilization capacity 11.6

100% = 100/61.3 x 11.6 =18.7 approx.

Answer 4. (d)

From the data that is given, we cannot say anything about the price of coffee for the companies among others. Therefore the given data is insufficient to deduce the answer.

Answer 5. (b)

Total sales of given brands = (31.15 + 26.75 + 15.25 + 17.45) = Rs. 90.6 crore

Total sales value of others = 132.8 – 90.6 = Rs. 42.2 crore

Required percentage = 42.2/132.8 x 100 = 31.8% = 32 % approx.

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