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meaning of dead-meat
Part of Speech: Noun

This surely is a fun slang! Although the person on the receiving end of this word might not feel the same. Dead meat is commonly used as a threat for e.g. saying,” If you do not do that, you are dead meat.”
If we take the literal meaning of this word it would mean a corpse or a person who is dead. But as a slang term it’s not used so harshly.
You can try this word on your friends, while threatening them, so that they help you. I, personally used this word a lot to scare off my little brother, I would say,” If you tell mom about this you are dead meat”

Meaning of dead meat:

1. A threat, used generally to scare the other person and to make him understand the gravity of the situation.

Sentence Examples for dead meat:

1. “You touch that TV remote and you are dead meat” growled Tom.
2. Sam took glen by his collar and said, “Bring the money by tomorrow or you are dead meat.”

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