Picture for DeadshitPart of Speech: Noun, adjective
Origin: Australian

If you here this word being related to you or to any of the things related to you, it’s surely not something to be happy about. Deadshit refers to something that is unpleasant or boring.
We all have that one Mr.Know-it-all in our life whose talks make us think, “What a deadshit person”, which means what a boring (sorry, extremely boring) person.
One might also use this word when he/she is frustrated, for e.g. If you realise you have to submit two big assignments tomorrow and also have to write a test, you are likely to say “ I am in deadshit”.

Meaning of the word deadshit:

1. Slang used to convey unpleasantness or used to refer to something that is boring.

Sentence examples for deadshit:

1. “What a deadshit party man!” complained Frank.
2. “That sure is some deadshit that you are in” said Helen.

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