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Mnemonic Tip to Learn Debris

You must sometime come across the game of ‘Tetris’ which is sounds quite similar to debris. The game is basically to arrange pieces in a definite order falling from above. Those pieces can be thought of as debris. Hence, in the game of tetris, we need to arrange debris.

Debris is trash scattered around after a disaster, like shattered glass on the road after a car accident or rocks after a landslide. Although debris usually refers to the trash leftover after some kind of explosion or crash, it can also be what’s on your floor after hosting a kid’s make-your-own pizza party, or what you shouldn’t leave at the park after a picnic.


Meanings of Debris

1. The remains of anything broken down or destroyed; rubble or wreckage
2. Geology.an accumulation of large fragments of rock
3. Carelessly discarded litter

Sentence examples for Debris:

1. New evidence shows that metallic debris from the replaced joints travels to other organs, possibly causing cancer.
2. The scenery is even more spectacular in the afternoon as we walked past avalanchedebris into the tiny village nestled under huge walls.3. The water usually comes from two sources: rainfall or the melting of snow and ice by hot volcanic debris.

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