Picture for DecadeA decade means a period of ten consecutive years. So, the period from 2000 to 2009 can be termed as a decade. Did you know that census is taken every 10 years; census is the way of keeping tab on the ever growing population.

Pronunciation: de-kaed

Meaning of Decade:

1. A period of ten consecutive years.
2. A group or a series of ten.

Master’s tip to learn Decade & other similar words:

Now, this is just simple, Decade – a period of ten years. But did you know a period of twelve years is called ‘Duodecennial’. Similarly a period of 100 years is called a ‘Century’. You just got to know 3 new words here 😉

Sentence Examples for Decade:

1. Ross met Jenna almost after a decade.
2. “What the hell is taking Jim so long, feels like I’ve been waiting here for a decade”, exclaimed John.

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