Picture for DecapitateDecapitate means to behead, to cut off one’s head. During the Taliban regime women who wore anything except the traditional Burqas were publically decapitated. It has been derived from the Latin word dēcapitātus was first used around 1605.

Pronunciation: dih-kap-i-teyt

Meanings of Decapitate

1. Behead
2. Cut off one’s head
3. To separate from the rest of the body

Master’s Tip to Learn Decapitate

The main root in the word Decapitate is Capit which means chief or head so clearly the word decapitate means to cut off one’s head.
Another way to learn this word can be to break it into de-cap, and relating ‘cap’ to head and ‘de’ means down. So decapitate would then mean removing the head.

Sentence Examples for Decapitate:

1. The motive behind their movement was to decapitate the government and send it into a tizzy, which seems to be has been accomplished.
2. The kidnapped reporter’s ransom video was found along with a note that threatened to decapitate him unless the kidnappers’ demands were met.
3. A permanent solution would be to decapitate the problem rather than leaving behind any unfinished business.

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