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picture for DemurMnemonic Tip to Learn Demur

Just think of the phrase Defying MURmur formed from by splitting the word demur into two parts-De and Mur.A sentence to remember this better-“The defying murmur in the audience rose to a demur against the manager’s suggestion.

The word demur means to object or oppose.Your mother asks you to pick up your room. You refuse: you demur. Your friend wants to go to the Death Metal Forever concert, but you hesitate: you demur. Whether you strongly object, politely disagree, or hesitate to agree, you demur. And if you find yourself the defendant in a civil suit, you might file a demurrer to object to the plaintiff’s complaint. When you file that demurrer, you demur.


Meanings of Demur

1. to make an objection
2. To delay,pause,or suspend proceedings or judgment in view of a doubt or difficulty.
3. a formal objection to an opponent’s pleadings
4.(Law) To enter a demurrer

Sentence examples for Demur:

1. He demurred on my suggestion to work on a Saturday.
2. If the principal proposes to cut out physical education, parents and teachers alike are sure to demur.
3. “I demur”,thedefence lawyer said to the attorney in opposition to the allegations being put on his client.

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