Picture for DeprecateThe word Deprecate means to express disproval of or to protest something. The word Deprecate is a verb. It was derived originally from the Latin word deprecari which meant to pray for something unfavorable. The origin of Deprecate can be traced back to 1625.

Pronunciation: dep-ri-keyt

Meanings of Deprecate

1. To express strong disapproval of
2. Deplore
3. Depreciate, belittle
4. Protest against

Master’s Tip to Learn Deprecate

The word deprecate can be learnt by relating it to appreciate. Deprecate sounds close to de-appreciate, that is the opposite of appreciate which means a lack of appreciation, belittling, humiliation or disapproval.

Sentence examples for Deprecate:

1. He advocates a well-designed program of behavior modification and deprecates the early use of medication to address behavioral problems.
2. A teacher should not deprecate his students’ efforts.
3. He deprecated his own contribution to the success of the project, claiming that others had done just as much.

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