Picture of Deride

Oh! How you must hate the feeling of being laughed at even when in hearts of hearts you know that it’s you who will have the last laugh! It is never a pleasant feeling to be derided or to be hated. And it is never a pleasant act to deride someone (that is pretty mean actually). Deride is this mean act of hurting others.

Origin: Its first usage dates back to 1520-30 and has originated from a Latin word deridere, which means to mock. It’s a verb.

Pronunciation: dih-rahyd

Meanings of Deride

1) To laugh at someone with contempt/hatred
2) To mock someone

Master’s tip to learn deride

Deride can easily be learnt by imagining a situation where you sit on that mechanical bull ‘ride’ and everyone is mocking you or making fun of you. So, you sit on a ride and you are de-rided for it.

Sentence examples for Deride

1) You have no right o deride my viewpoints. (Verb)
2) He is a derider for his friends too and he happens to derive lot of fun out f it. (Noun)
3) He deridingly looks down upon his juniors in office. (Adverb)
4) She was derided at for sitting on that joy ride. (Verb)

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