Picture for DisistDesist is often used when one party feels that it is being damaged by information that another party is circulating. For example, if an organization began publishing production guides for a patented product without consulting the patent owner, the owner would likely send a letter to that organization demanding that it cease and desist. To “cease and desist” literally means to “stop.” Generally, a letter is issued by a legal authority. When an individual must send one, it is usually worded by a lawyer.

Pronunciation: dih-zist

Meanings of Desist:

1. to cease, as from some action or proceeding

2. to stop

Master’s Tip to Learn Desist:

Desist rhymes with resist. So when you resist your temptations it means you abstain or Refrain from it. E.g : Abstain from smoking for a healthy life.

Sentence examples for Desist:

1. Despite orders from the police, the protesters would not desist
2. Your behavior has become insufferable, and I demand that you desist.
3. They didn’t know they were doing anything wrong until they got the order to cease and desist.
4. It is not good to desist from work , just because we cannot immediately see the result or outward victory

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