picture for dexterity

Pronunciation: dek-ster-i-tee

Meanings of Dexterity:

1. Skill in using your hands or your mind;
2. Adroitness in using the hands

Master’s Tip to Learn Dexterity:

DEXTERITY can be remembered by DEXTER from the DEXTER’s LABORATORY cartoon on cartoon network. His cleverness and expertise in experimenting things gave him his name.

Cartoons are so helpful. Aren’t they ???

Sentence examples for Dexterity:

1. You need manual dexterity to be good at video games.
2. In today’s corporate world, verbal dexterity is a must.

Synonyms: sleight, cleverness, expertise, facility, adroitness, finesse
Antonyms: awkwardness, clumsiness, inability, ineptness

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