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Crowns can keep a tricky topic. They come in all forms and sizes, and the thorns they carry at times can pierce the thickest of skins. Diadems are a variety and form of these crowns. And should be worn with all the care in the world.

The dictionary definitions for diadem are as follows:

1. a crown. (noun)

2. a cloth headband, sometimes adorned with jewels, formerlyworn by Oriental kings. (noun)

3. royal dignity or authority. (noun)

4. To adorn with or as if with a diadem. (noun)


Origin story for the word:

As we have learned from above, a diadem is a type of crown. To begin with, it was used to refer to embroidered silk ribbons, which are wrapped across the brow of kings and queens. Gradually, this piece of cloth was replaced by metal crowns, which were circular in shape. And with time, these crowns were embellished with stones, diamonds and jewels to become the splendid ornaments that they became.

The figurative extension for diadem is that it can be used as a symbolic reference for power and dignity. Imagine the simple scenario: in a monarchy, one with the crown above his head will obviously be given more regard and honor than the others. This regard and honor is encapsulated symbolically by diadem.


Usage examples for Diadem:

1. Last week, I learned that an otherwise blameless friend had just embarked on a thoughtless expedition to this diadem of African topography to raise money for charity. –

2. Her diadem was embedded with the rarest of diamonds, rubies and pearls.

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